MAC1 from Flowers by Fidels

MAC1 from Flowers by Fidels via Dabberchan Inc on 5/17/2020. No THC test results listed as this is traditional market flower. Since it’s traditional market it’s a bit of If You Know You Know staus, but it typically goes for $40-50 from what I understand. Flowers by Fidels has been blowing up as of late on instagram, so when I saw my boy Dabberchan had a batch of his MAC1, I knew I had to get my hands on some. These small but mighty nugs are a mix of harlequin and sea greens with wine colored lilts, compacted pale orange twine pistils, and an avalanche of brilliant white triches that give it that signature MAC look.

The nose out of the jar is a deep peppery must with just a hint of cream filling out the back end. On busting open a bud the sweet cream takes center stage along with a berry scent while pushing that deep acrid must to wait in the wings. When breaking it down by hand the grinds are a delicious mix of sweet berry cream with a musty peppery tang that matches up with my best MAC experiences. A sweet fruitiness dominates the profile of the dry pull mixed in with a bit of cream and a touch of floral. The inhale is smooth and comes off as an earthy floral with a sugar sweet tang on the joint where the bong is essentially the same but you get a sense for that creaminess. The exhale is a sweet and savory floral with hints of an earthy sweet cream in the background on the joint whereas the bong is more of a sweet and spiced cream with a floral edge. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial , at 170c it’s very floral with a touch of sweet mint and a hint of pine, where at 185c it’s still fresh and floral but seems less defined flavorwise. The headchange comes on quick and with a smack that sends you straight to outer space. It doesn’t hold you back physically by any means but it absolutely wrecks your ability to focus as your mind will wander more than the fictionalized version of Chris McCandless in Into the Wild. Having just reviewed another batch of MAC from Cresco, when stood up side by side, I’d say the Fidels batch shines not only in taste and flavor but in the quality of the smoking experience overall. I’d grab another jar of this in a heartbeat. If you’re a fan of MAC1 and have the opportunity to do so then you definitely should too. Excellent work by Fidel and the Crew! Can’t wait to write up some of these other batches I have on deck.

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