Chemdawg Trails from 3C Farms

Chemdawg Trails from 3C Farms via OG Cannabis Cafe on 2/21/2020. THCa tested out to 21.01%. (Shoutout to Matt from 3C Farms and Red Rodriguez for making it happen) This was gifted to me but usually goes for $35 at 3C’s Downtown Medical shop at the time of this writing. It’s taken me a few months to cruise through the generous sample pack that 3C provided me way back in February, the world is a different place now, but we’ve finally arrived at the last jar. The surface of these spiky buds are mostly a silverish tea green that darkens to forest greens and even aubergine at points, with sporadic flares of dark amber pistils, and a significant frosting of yellowing triches that give them a winter haze like glow.

The nose out of the jar is musty in that old spice cabinet kind of way with a floral perfume backend. On busting open a nug a sweet floral takes center stage with that perfume amping up every so slightly. When breaking it down by hand, that spicy must returns to the foreground with a very savory scent that strikes me like soy sauce over white rice, while that sweet floral kicks around on the back end. The dry pull on the jay has a sweet floral quality but I didn’t pick up on much else. The inhale is smooth on both the bong and the joint, and has a floral musty taste on the former, but was fairly nondescript on the latter. The exhale on the joint is a peppery floral with a hint of sugar sweetness, where the bong is also a spicy floral, but has more of an “electric” musty quality that tickles the septum a little. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial , at 170c I get a floral must with a touch of mint, as where at 185c it’s still floral but it’s a little less defined and lacks that mint. The headchange comes on quick initially but also has a steady creep to it. You’ll feel that relaxation hit right away as the bullshit of the day quickly melts from the top of your mind into a distant memory and over time, if you have a moment where you need to collect yourself and stay focused, you’ll find it an extreme challenge as your brain will dart from thought to thought as your body feels wholly sedated. I feel like it’s a pretty good any time strain that works well if you’re playing games or chatting with friends, but if you’ve got to get some work done, you may be best served by saving this one til after you’re done taking care of business. I enjoyed this batch of ChemDawg Trails, and while I’m exactly not chomping at the bit to grab another jar, if I came across it for the ticket it goes for at 3C’s Downtown shop I could definitely see myself picking it up again.

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