Apple Fritter from Fresh Baked

Apple Fritter from Fresh Baked via The Spot Santa Ana on 6/03/2020 (shoutout to Blake for making it happen!). THC tested out to 26.2%. I was gifted this sample but it goes for anywhere from $55-65 pre tax. I remember seeing some slick Fresh Baked photos in the early days of Prop 64 on insta, but I hadn’t been luckily enough to actually come across any in a shop until recently, so I was stoked to finally get my hands on one of their signature strains. The surface of these moderately dense buds is a mix of neon and kelly greens with rich indigo accents, golden brown pistils, and is absolutely flooded with a torrent of cream white and straw yellow triches.

The nose out of the jar is a sweet fruit with musty spice undertone that really does give off a fruity pastry vibe. On busting open a bud that sweet fruit and spice remain present while a hint of mint and pine kick around in the background. It reminds me of something I’d expect to smell in a Bed Bath and Body Works style “Scents of the Autumnal Equinox” candle. When breaking it down by hand it leaves a healthy floral must on the fingers while the grinds have a sugar fruit sweetness with a noticeably piney backend. The dry pull on the joint gives off a cool mint with a touch of pine and a hint of fruity must in the background. The inhale is smooth and has a muted earthy floral quality on the joint whereas on the bong it’s more of a faint fruity spice. The exhale on the joint is a faint sweet floral with a little mustiness where the bong is a muted floral spice with an echo of a pastry undertone but it’s not too well defined. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial , at 170c there’s a surprisingly strong sweet minty floral, and at 185c the sweet mint stays present but is joined by that sweet fruitiness from earlier. The headchange comes on quick and with a satisfying thwack. The pressure starts in the forehead and works its way into the neck and the top of the shoulders with a slight ASMR like tingle. It’s easy enough to remain present for the most part, but there is a spacy aspect to it that will cause you to drift on occasion, however it’s not so overwhelming that you lose the thread of what’s going in front of you. It’s not something I’d choose to wake and bake on regularly, especially when you have a lot on your plate for the day, but it does function fairly well as an anytime smoke that will leave you satisfied and not wanting for more. All in all, I really liked this batch of Apple Fritter as it’s an enjoyable quality smoke that’s clearly well cultivated, and I would for sure pick this up again if I were to find it for the right ticket. $50-55 out the door is a really reasonable price but at 65 plus tax I’m definitely going to be hesitant. Great work to the whole Fresh Baked crew, can’t wait to get more of your flavors in the rotation!

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