Purple Cookies from Catalyst Cannabis

Purple Cookies from Catalyst Cannabis via Catalyst Santa Ana on 7/24/2020. THC tested out to 13.5%. Purchased for $5 but normally goes for $20. When Connected changed their name to Catalyst in Southern California, they had a variety of promotions, one of which was this batch of Purple Cookies at a killer ticket. Given the rate, I knew it wouldn’t be pretty, but I had to dive in and find out what this bag was all about. These larfy buds are mostly a hunter green, but there are random bits that go ghost white at points, and I even managed to find a singular spot of purple. There’s a variety of random pistils that range in color from pumpkin orange to dark cardboard brown and a surprising amount of goldenrod triches sprinkled about the scraggly surface area.

The nose out of the bag is wet cut grass with a savory twist, and after sniffing around in the spice cabinet, I’d say it’s closest to a faint cumin. Breaking open one of the only solid nugs I could find I was greeted with a surprising muted sweetness with that wet grass still filling out the background. Grinding it down by hand, I got a musty floral on my fingers while the grinds smelled like grass and bandaids, which I know sounds weird but if you smelled it you would get it. It also has a touch of sugar sweetness. When dry pulling the jay I get some muted cumin and bay leaf with a strange paper like quality. The inhale is just a little harsh and is mostly nondescript on the joint, but on the bong, it has a floral taste that reminds me of that incense they use in catholic church during special masses. The exhale has a weird herbaceous taste on the joint, it’s sort of floral, but has an aftertaste that’s a weak vague version of a clove cigarette. The bong has a light simple spice. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c it’s mostly floral with a hoppy lean and a bitter aftertaste, where at 185c, it’s basically the same but more faint. The headchange comes on quick and mild which is no doubt expected. I didn’t have any trouble staying focused while I felt just a touch of pressure in my forehead and a tad hazy eyed. There was a point where I felt like I was approaching headache territory, similar to the way that I used to feel after smoking old school schwag, the kind of headache that would make you question if you even like to get high at all and if it was really worth it. Luckily, just as quickly as that feeling came on, it dissipated and I was left with a mild buzz that helped me ride out the rest of the day. I appreciate the bargain ticket, and honestly, this would have been a god sent back in the days when I was check to check and had pretty much nothing but change to spend on herb. That said at the rate it normally goes for, it’s not really a bargain, and I definitely would not cop it again. Different strokes for different folks though and if you’re happy with what you see and what you’ve read, and find it for a ticket you’re comfortable with then more power to you, it’s just not for me.

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