LA Honor from LA Kush

LA Honor from Los Angeles Kush via Show Grow on 7/25/2020 (shoutout to @dude_doing_things for the swoop). THC tested out to 29.84%. Purchased for $40 but normally goes for $48 plus tax. I had heard some good things about LA Honor from some followers so when the opportunity to cop some popped up I decided to jump right in. These spear shaped buds are mostly chartreuse and lime with occasional veins of forest green, flares of pale sherbet orange pisitis, and an abundance of egg cream colored triches giving them an overall hazy yellowed look.

The nose out of the jar is a sweet and savory smell with an air of vinegar that reminds me of mustard and relish. Breaking open a nug, that sweet smell amps up a bit, and it really comes across smelling very similar to sweet pickles. Grinding it down by hand, I get a mild musty cream on the fingers, while the grinds themselves have a really vague sweetness with a touch of that vinegar quality on the back end. The dry pull on the j is sweet and chalky like a necco wafer with a faint mint in the background. The inhale is smooth and has a minor sugar sweet quality with a bit of a savory aspect on the joint, where the bong is more of a muted acrid sweet tang, with a back end that hits me like smoked meat. The exhale on the joint is minor sweet freshness with a musty dough undertone, where the bong is nearly the same, just less defined and more muddled. It’s honestly not too flavorful and sort of hard to pin down. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c I get a slight cooling sensation on the way in and a very floral yet piney exhale, whereas at 185c, it’s less defined and is just a vague floral with a hint of mint. The headchange comes on quick and with a very healthy slap. It has a headband effect that seems to spread to your whole face and feels as if your brain is engaged in a “full body stretch”. As I sat outside in the extreme heat, I had a variety of dumb thoughts that I felt were hilarious in the moment (i.e. “If trees knew we had A/C they’d for sure try to bust in our houses right now”), and was pretty much self entertained as I stared off at the horizon. I’d say this is a great strain for a lazy Sunday, I’m not so weighed down that I’m stuck to the couch, and there’s a feel good energy that helps me happily pass the time as I play the new Tony Hawk remake or get caught up on Cobra Kai. While not the most flavorful smoke, I really dug the effects, so I could see myself picking it up again if I can get it around the same price point. I’d even say $45-48 otd is more than fair. Great job on this one LA Kush, I didn’t like it quite as much as the Kushberry Cheesecake, but it was definitely some solid smoke and enjoyable experience. 

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