Q from 3C Farms

Q from 3C Farms on 7/14/2020. THCa tested out to 19.70%. (Shoutout to Matt at 3C for making it happen!) This was gifted to me but goes for $35.50 at 3C’s DTLA location. Q is perhaps the most controversially named strain out of the entire conspiratorially themed lineup from 3C Farms, so I admit with that and it’s “Anonymous” lineage, I was extremely intrigued. These semi fluffy spiked out buds are a mix of moss and tea greens with hints of forest colored sugar leaves, gangly copper reddish brown pistils, and a very healthy coating of well preserved frosty white triches.

The nose out of the jar is a strong sweet must with a distant lemon edge. On busting open a nug, that must morphs into a sweet fuel with a slightly stronger, yet still light lemon quality that is very reminiscent of a solid OG. Breaking it down by hand, my fingers smell of mint and pine and have a bit of a stick to them, while the grinds themselves are a sugar sweet yet muted lemonade with both mint and pine kicking around in the background. The dry pull on the jay is a sugar sweet floral with a “fresh” twist from the mint-pine. The inhale is smooth, and I get a chalk sweetness similar to a muted necco wafer on the joint, where the bong is more of a musty sweet floral. The exhale is a sugar sweet floral with a light dough quality on the joint, whereas the bong is more of that chalky sweetness, but it’s not too strong. Cross checking the flavor on MV1 at 170c I get a very light mint floral with lemon whereas at 185c it’s a very vague light sweet floral. The initial headchange comes on quick and is misleadingly gentle as it’s a definite creeper that puts you in a brutal sleeperhold. Multiple times, at various points in the day, this strain managed to absolutely knock me out. I’d be enjoying the mild high when suddenly, I’d feel this massive weight on my body and I wanted to do nothing more but lie down. I wasn’t even tired mentally but within minutes of kicking back I’d be knocked out. Even on a wake and bake, within a half hour, I was back in bed and back to sleep for a morning nap. I’ve always said that THC percentages might mean something, but they don’t mean everything, and this a prime example of a sub 20% herb that delivers a straight knock out. If you are looking for something to pick you up lightly and then slam you into the mattress for the rest of the night look no further than Q. While not the most flavorful experience, if I was having trouble sleeping consistently then I could definitely see myself grabbing some more in order to help me obliterate my insomnia, especially for the mere $35 it goes for in their DTLA shop. Great work once again 3C!

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