Holy Moly! from Fig Farms

Holy Moly! from Fig Farms via direct to consumer delivery on 8/11/2020. THC tested out to 26.78%. Keith at Fig Farms was generous enough to gift this to me, I only paid the tax on this one so a little over $10, but normally this goes for about $65 on the site I believe. If you’re in their coverage area for delivery you can get 15% off your first order by using code FIGFIRST. I don’t get anything for that, just want to give you the heads up so you can get the best deal possible. If you aren’t in the delivery zone, then your best bet price wise is to probably find it in stock at Catalyst store if you can. Fig Farms has some of the most pristine herb I’ve seen on the recreational market so when I saw they had a strain called Holy Moly!, a phrase I use regularly when looking at amazing weed, I knew I had to get my hands on it. These buds are definitely befitting of the name, they look so alien that if you saw it in a glass container amongst a whole host of strange specimens in the laboratory of some mad scientist, it wouldn’t look out of place at all. The surface of these mega foxtailed buds are mostly a deep rich aubergine with the remainder being filled out by sea foam and forest greens, roguish wispy orange-brown pistils, and a armor of triches so hefty it would seem to comprise half the weight of the nug itself.  The champion nug, which made up the majority of the batch, looked like a weed version of a monkey’s paw with only one outstretched boney finger of a wish left on it.

The nose out of the jar is musty ripe sweet bananas coupled with a rubber funk on the back end. On busting open a bud, the banana really comes out and has this bright and delicate fruit candy quality overall that ends up pushing the must and rubber even further into the background. Breaking it down by hand, it leaves a nice stick on the fingers as well as the scent of sweet banana and a bit of mint, while the grinds themselves smell like a banana hi chew up top but I also catch light whiffs of chocolate tootsie roll occasionally when working with the material as well. The dry pull on the jay is a deep sweet fruit, with the banana playing a big role in that, along with a pronounced candy sweetness and a funky rubber undertone. The inhale is smooth, slightly mentholated and chalky sweet on the joint, where the bong has notes of caramelized fruit and rubber that sort of remind me of a nearly burnt thumbprint cookie. The exhale on the joint has that banana sweetness with a minty undertone, where the bong comes off surprisingly creamy with the banana itself remaining present but taking a bit of a backseat. When I paired the bong smoke with a cup of coffee, the flavor clarified further and hit me like a muted banana pudding. Cross checking the flavor on MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial  at 170c I get a light cooling sensation, and a subtle yet rich floral and pine with a hint of mint, whereas at 185c the floral gets stronger, slightly sweeter and has a touch of banana. The headchange comes on fairly quick but is stronger than it lets on at first. I had a laundry list of tasks to get through, and in preparation for the monotony ahead, I figured it best to smoke. Within moments, I’d go from being highly motivated and ready to smash my to do list, to absolutely forgetting I had a to do list all together. I’d find myself in a blissful state, enjoying the buzz, and thinking about how cool it was that I had nothing to do. A minute or two went by and I eventually remembered my task list and got to work. After that initial hurdle I felt present and mostly able to focus without issue, except for a couple occasions where I found myself blank out momentarily, but I was able to pick up right where I left off. I will say that I personally found this herb to have a creative yet cruel lean as I would come up with something perfect, like happened with a scent description for this very review, and then blank out shortly afterward losing the thought forever after. While that only happened a couple times and wasn’t too detrimental it was sort of a bummer, so if you’re the type to smoke and write, just a heads up that you should be quick with your notes. Physically speaking, there’s a mild haziness on the eyes with a slight headband effect across the forehead, and a general sense of comfort and well being. I really enjoyed this batch of Holy Moly! and I could definitely see myself copping it again just to have in my headstash and show off to guests on occasion. if you’re looking for something to slap you into outer space this probably isn’t going to do it for you. However, if you’re looking for some breathtakingly unique, flavorful, meticulously crafted, expertly cultivated flower then look no further than Holy Moly as it checks all the boxes in that regard. Great job Fig Farms, your passion for the plant shines through in everything you do, keep up the excellent work!

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