Banjo from Coastal Sun Farm

Banjo from Coastal Sun Farm via Kannabis Works on 8/21/2020. THC tested out to 26% (shout out to Scott at BVO for making it happen). I paid the tax on this one, but I believe it’s 33ish out the door at Kannabis Works, and I’ve seen it go for $29 out the door at Catalyst. I’ve been told I need to get some more budget friendly bud on my page, so when Coastal Sun reached out to see if I was interested in giving their intelligent greenhouse herb an honest review, I jumped at the chance.  These portly porcine nugs are a mix of lime and olive greens with the occasionally darker sugar leaf, twine colored pistils, and a healthy layer of white and yellowing triches.

The nose out of the jar is a sweet, musty, and herbaceous with a citrus edge that gives it a very backyard orange vibe. On busting open a bud, the sweet orange really amps up and hits me similar to the way a SunnyD smells, but with a specifically minty lilt to it. When breaking it down by hand my fingers get absolutely coated in triches that leave an herbaceous mint smell behind, as where the grinds themselves have a sweet and sour citrus quality, similar to an orange hard candy that’s been lightly coated in pepper or chili powder.  The dry pull on the joint gives off a mild sweet orange with an herbaceous twist. The inhale is smooth, and on the bong is a sweet musty orange, whereas on the joint it’s essentially the same but has a minor toasted sugar aspect. The exhale is a sweet floral with a light orange tang on the bong and joint, however on the latter, the orange tang is expressed slightly harder. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes, at 170c it’s a semi-sweet floral with a distant hint of mint, where at 185c it’s a sweeter floral with a very light citrus touch. The headchange comes on quick, has a healthy slap, and a nice dose of energy to boot. Within a few seconds after taking the first hit, it had me up and out of my chair pacing around, desperately looking for anything to do and pour that new found energy into. It’s great for those days where you want to knock out all those annoying physical tasks you’ve been putting off and let pile up. Need to deep clean your apartment? Reorganize a closet? Sort through some old paperwork that you probably should have thrown away already? This is perfect for that. I started leaning on this batch heavily to start my mornings and it quickly became my go to sativa. I can absolutely see myself picking up this batch again as it was a great experience at a hella reasonable ticket. Excellent job Coastal Sun, this was some fantastic greenhouse, keep up the great work!

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