Black Lotus from 3C Farms

Black Lotus from 3C Farms on 7/14/2020. THCa tested out to 24.09%. (Shoutout to Matt at 3C for making it happen!) I was gifted this sample but it goes for about $35 for medical patients in their DTLA shop. Having experienced the Clockwork Elves version of this flower, I was curious as to how its naked natural counterpart would hold up in comparison, so I made sure to crack this jar open next. These bulky buds are a mix of forest, hunter, and spring bud greens with midnight blue lilts, coupled with rusty red and light orange pistils, and a shimmering layer of white and egg cream triches.

The nose out of the jar is a sugary mint pine with a sweet grungy fruit underpinning and a musty quality over all. On breaking open a bud, the sweet grungy fruit takes center stage, but the minty pine is still very much in on the action. When breaking it down by hand the mint, pine and must combine into a sort of “dirty gum” smell, to the point where it comes off almost like someone took a stick of gum and rubbed it all over some fresh ginger root. The dry pull on the joint strikes me as a faint mint and has this herbaceous medicinal quality that reminds me of a muted and vague unflavored Halls throat lozenge. The inhale is smooth and on the joint is a sweet floral with a touch of pine and a distant hint of mint, whereas on the bong, it’s muted but more minty to the point it gives me vague toothpaste vibes. The exhale is a vague semi chalky sweetness off both the joint and bong but hits a little spicier on the latter. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c I get an extremely intense cool floral with a heavy mint pine exhale that left that piney taste on my tongue for longer than any other herb in recent memory. At 185c, it tamps down considerably but still has a cooling sensation on the way in, as well as a light floral bouquet. The headchange comes on quick and is a bit oxymoronic in effect, as I feel fairly present, yet I get stuck in any activity I’m into and easily lose track of time. It seems more common than not to be completely involved in whatever I’m doing, only to look up at the clock and say “what?!”, as it’s surely an hour later than my internal clock let on. It also has this slightly energetic quality that comes with the initial slap which I didn’t pick up on at first, but I found myself pacing around my apartment at some point after smoking, which I learned to efficiently channel into handling mundane repetitive tasks. That coupled with the time travel aspect made doing things like housework an enjoyable short lived breeze. Physically, I feel just a touch of haziness across the eyes and some slight pressure in my forehead, as well as a bit of a tingle in my shoulders. At first I wasn’t too hype on the effects, but over time they really grew on me, especially when I learned how to use them to my advantage. If it hits you like it does me, I feel it works best when you have a ton of physical monotonous chores on your to-do list, as it will help you get through them in a snap. For the ticket it goes for in 3C’s DTLA shop I could definitely see myself picking it up again. Great work 3C! 

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