Black Jack from Curated Cannabis

Black Jack from Curated Cannabis on 8/07/2020. THC tested out to 22.04%. This was gifted to me but is typically $45 an 8th at Mother Nature’s Remedy in Woodland Hills. I love a good Jack based sativa so I was absolutely stoked to see this Black Jack in my last sample pack from Curated. This giant singular bud is a combination of lime and forest greens with the occasional deep purple lilt, sprouts of brownish orange pistils, and a beautifully preserved layer of tall white and yellowed triches with some heads being so big they are visible to the naked eye.

The nose out of the jar is that classic Jack scent that hits my nose like semi-sweet floral potpourri perfume, coupled with a bit of a must, and an antiseptic herbaceous lean. Busting open a nug, it’s essentially the same smell, but it just gets a hair louder and the sweetness ramps up ever so slightly. Grinding it by hand it easily breaks apart and powders down with no resistance, not leaving much of a scent on the fingers, but the grinds themselves are a sweet floral bouquet with an additional yet very muted sugar cube sort of vibe. The dry pull on the j is deep floral with a touch of that herbaceous antiseptic quality. The inhale is exceptionally smooth and on the bong hits with a light sweet floral coupled with a spicy tang, whereas the joint has that sweet floral aspect, but the tang comes off more herbaceous than spicy. The exhale off the bong is an easy going floral potpourri with a hint of cream, where the joint is more of a sweet floral, with a touch of caramel cereal floating around in the background. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c, that sweet potpourri floral makes a comeback where at 185c, it’s more of a straight floral that loses those perfume-like qualities. The headchange comes on quick as a calm passes over you near immediately. While you may still be stressing on things you have to do that day, it gives you a new perspective, and dampens that to-do dread to much more manageable levels. I was able to stay present and focused for the most part, but even when I did lose touch with reality, I spaced out in a helpful way and found myself still working on the issue I was wrestling with and coming back to reality with a solution which allowed me to press forward.  While I did tangle with a few minor bouts of paranoia, I feel like that’s par for the course with any good sativa, and the energy it brings with it is something I’m accustomed to using to my advantage. All and all, I really liked this batch of Black Jack and I’d have no problem picking it up again, especially for the ticket it goes for at Mother Natures Remedy. Awesome job once again Curated Cannabis, you guys are definitely doing something special, keep up the stellar work! #blackjack #curatedcannabis #cannabisreview #cannabiscommunity #weedreview #luxuryweed #luxurycannabis #weshouldsmoke #thc #mmj  #cannabisculture #westcoastweed #okcool

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