C.R.E.A.M. from Cannatique Farms

C.R.E.A.M. from Cannatique Farms via Calma West Hollywood on 10/20/2020. THC tested out to 26.49%. I got this for about $70 out the door with the first time discount, otherwise it would have ran around $100. Huge shoutout up top to Abstrax Labs and The Growers Collection for reasons that will become clear later in the review.  When I stopped at Calma West Hollywood to pick up a sample pack, I spotted this C.R.E.A.M. on the shelf and while the ticket was extremely high, it looked absolutely stunning so I decided to throw down and see if its bang matched its beauty. The surface of these fairly small buds are mostly a pear with subtle shifts to lime green coupled with aubergine accents, contrasted against pops of golden bronze pistils, all of which is heavily obscured in a hazy sheen of an eye poppingly thick coat of egg cream colored triches.

It’s seriously some beautiful stuff, but unfortunately, that’s where the positive experience ends. The nose out of the jar is extremely vague, it’s nearly blank, and the best description I can muster is that it comes off like plant and spice with a hint of must but it’s very muddled and muted. Busting open a bud the smell remains weak, it does seem to morph slightly adding some fresh elements as well as a distant echo of cream and floral, but it’s very flat and thin. Breaking it down by hand I get no smell on my fingers which is really out of the ordinary. The grinds themselves have an indistinct minty plant smell, there’s a bit of pine in there too, it sort of smells like walking through a forest but with the volume on your scent receptors turned down to the lowest detectable levels. A dry pull on the j offered a really faint and flat floral sweetness. The inhale on the joint was initially smooth, and had a vague floral sweetness with a muted freshness, but got slightly harsh toward the end. I didn’t notice the same issue on the bong, where I got a slightly more perfume-like floral with a hint of spice and sugar sweetness, but it was all very muffled. The exhale on both the bong and the joint had a suppressed creaminess with an acidic sour quality. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes at 170c I get a very light sweet floral with a flat finish, and at 185c the floral gets a little stronger to the point where it has that skunky beer taste, but it’s still fairly meek. I’ve always had a hard time doing write ups in regards to taste and smell because they’re inherently subjective, so I’m excited to add a new layer of information in that arena thanks to the awesome folks at Abstrax Labs. Utilizing advanced chemical techniques far beyond my understanding, they’re able to take small samples of bud and run it through a process that reveals every terpene and aroma compound within it and make it into an easy to read data sheet, which I thought would be fun and informative to compare against my subjective experience with any given strain. While it may not align perfectly with my individual take on the strain, it is interesting to go over the data and see how it matches up with my experience, and maybe give me some better and broader understanding of flavors that are difficult to pin down.

This brings us to the headchange which I found to be middle of the road effects wise. Shortly after smoking you feel cool, calm and relaxed even if you had been anxious moments earlier. Given the body buzz it’s surprisingly clear headed, I never found myself lost or confused, I was always present and able to work without losing track of what I was doing even with the occasional short lived spacy distraction. If instead of putting a bit of weight on your body it brought a bit of energy, it would be a pretty good sativa, but it has just a bit too much of a chill vibe to help you get that motivational edge and get shit done. I’d say it’d be best paired with video games or a movie that requires a lot of your attention as it will keep your mind occupied and your body sedentary. That said, for $100 out the door more or less, I simply would not pick it up again. When I saw this herb I had high hopes for it but the reality is that you can get much better on the recreational market at half the rate. My fellow reviewer @rip.215 had a great experience with the same batch, one I wish I had, but as it sits that is a huge miss for me. Sorry Cannatique, I wish I could give it a positive review, but you probably won’t see this since you have me blocked anyway. 

Black Jack from Curated Cannabis

Black Jack from Curated Cannabis on 8/07/2020. THC tested out to 22.04%. This was gifted to me but is typically $45 an 8th at Mother Nature’s Remedy in Woodland Hills. I love a good Jack based sativa so I was absolutely stoked to see this Black Jack in my last sample pack from Curated. This giant singular bud is a combination of lime and forest greens with the occasional deep purple lilt, sprouts of brownish orange pistils, and a beautifully preserved layer of tall white and yellowed triches with some heads being so big they are visible to the naked eye.

The nose out of the jar is that classic Jack scent that hits my nose like semi-sweet floral potpourri perfume, coupled with a bit of a must, and an antiseptic herbaceous lean. Busting open a nug, it’s essentially the same smell, but it just gets a hair louder and the sweetness ramps up ever so slightly. Grinding it by hand it easily breaks apart and powders down with no resistance, not leaving much of a scent on the fingers, but the grinds themselves are a sweet floral bouquet with an additional yet very muted sugar cube sort of vibe. The dry pull on the j is deep floral with a touch of that herbaceous antiseptic quality. The inhale is exceptionally smooth and on the bong hits with a light sweet floral coupled with a spicy tang, whereas the joint has that sweet floral aspect, but the tang comes off more herbaceous than spicy. The exhale off the bong is an easy going floral potpourri with a hint of cream, where the joint is more of a sweet floral, with a touch of caramel cereal floating around in the background. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c, that sweet potpourri floral makes a comeback where at 185c, it’s more of a straight floral that loses those perfume-like qualities. The headchange comes on quick as a calm passes over you near immediately. While you may still be stressing on things you have to do that day, it gives you a new perspective, and dampens that to-do dread to much more manageable levels. I was able to stay present and focused for the most part, but even when I did lose touch with reality, I spaced out in a helpful way and found myself still working on the issue I was wrestling with and coming back to reality with a solution which allowed me to press forward.  While I did tangle with a few minor bouts of paranoia, I feel like that’s par for the course with any good sativa, and the energy it brings with it is something I’m accustomed to using to my advantage. All and all, I really liked this batch of Black Jack and I’d have no problem picking it up again, especially for the ticket it goes for at Mother Natures Remedy. Awesome job once again Curated Cannabis, you guys are definitely doing something special, keep up the stellar work! #blackjack #curatedcannabis #cannabisreview #cannabiscommunity #weedreview #luxuryweed #luxurycannabis #weshouldsmoke #thc #mmj  #cannabisculture #westcoastweed #okcool

Figment from Fig Farms

Figment from Fig Farms via direct to consumer delivery on 8/11/2020. THC tested out to 25.38%. I just had to pay the tax on this one but I’ve seen fig go for about $65 out the door on average. Having recently read a glowing and extremely thorough write up on Figment from @1s_th3_hyp3_r3al I was hella stoked to see it pop up next in my review rotation. This jar was composed of one absolutely massive champion bud, and it’s tiny companion, which brought to mind old school memories of Cait Sith in Final Fantasy VII. The surface quickly shifts between fern and moss greens with rashes of deep rich aubergine, pops of sunset orange pistils, and piles of pristine triches that when mounted together in mass give the bud a peep yellow tinge.

The nose out of the jar is a musty floral and eraser rubber with an acrid yet semi sweet lean and a hint of freshness. Busting open the bud, a sweet fruit emerges that’s really hard to pin down, but hits my senses as an overall fruit punch with a grape lean and herbaceous freshness. Grinding it down by hand, I get a sense for how incredibly sticky it is, evidenced even further when ripping it apart as it spins some of the longest trich webs I’ve ever seen. It leaves a musty cream on the fingertips, while the grinds themselves have a beautiful subtle sweetness that comes off equal parts fruity and floral, and when taken together as a whole smell like a mild watermelon scented candle. The dry pull on the joint has floral sugar sweetness with a mentholated edge. The inhale is smooth, and on the bong I get toasted marshmallow and graham cracker, whereas the joint is more of a general toasted sweetness. On the exhale, that musty sweet rubber makes a come back on the bong, but the joint is more of a musty floral with a muted savory edge. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes at 170c, I get a touch of cooling on the tongue with a mild floral tinge and a piney aftertaste, and at 185c that same minor cooling effect is there but the floral is a bit less defined. The headchange comes on strong and will throw you for a bit of a spacy loop. In my notes I described it as “being in a constant state of feeling like I forgot something”, as I’d find myself going on autopilot mid-task frequently, to snap back to reality a short while later with only a vague notion of what I was doing just moments before. On a joint walk I found it put a pep in my step while I tangled with a slight bout of paranoia, keeping my eyes on the horizon for cops or parents with kids, or anyone else that might be offended by the pungent aura that announced my presence to the neighborhood. As time passed, a much more chill vibe set in as my body relaxed and felt just a touch floaty, and with that spacy aspect now in full effect the second half of the walk seemed much quicker than the first. I really dug this batch of Figment, and if I had to pick between the two, I think I like it just a touch more than I did the Holy Moly! which is an impressive feat. The truth is in my personal experience, each Fig Farms strain I’ve tried is better than the last, and it’s no doubt some of the most immaculate weed on the recreational market. I can’t wait to get my hands on more. Great work once again Fig Farms, you guys are amazing at what you do, keep up the fantastic work!

PBB from Curated Cannabis

PBB from Curated Cannabis on 6/12/2020. THC tested out to 22.38%. This was gifted to me but it goes from $45-65 pre-tax in the shop depending on where you pick it up. I’d suggest keeping your eye on their Instagram for specials. Here we have another round of absolutely gorgeous flower from the kind folks down at Curated Cannabis. These eye popping buds are a stunning mix of shamrock greens and rich indigos, coupled with tiger orange pistils, and a layer of white triches so thick it gives the bud an overall hazy glinting sheen.

The nose out of the jar is a subtle nutty cream with a touch of sweet fuel that reminds me of eating those Keebler Cheese and Peanut Butter Crackers at a gas station. On breaking open a bud, the sweet nuttiness amps up and gives off more of an Abba-Zaba like vibe. When grinding it down by hand, a minty cream sticks to the fingers as the grinds themselves are mostly that same sweet nutty cream, but have a deep mint undertone. The dry pull on the joint is a very subtle floral sweetness with just a hint of that nutty goodness. The inhale is exceptionally smooth and has a minor sweet floral taste on the joint where it’s more of a straight floral tang off the bong. The exhale on the joint is a muted sweet floral with a hint of cream and a bit of minty fuel where the bong has more of a light floral perfume sensation. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes at 170c I get a solid pine with a touch of mint and floral backing as where at 185c it’s more of a minty floral with a pine aftertaste, but in either case, the taste was surprisingly more well defined when vaped versus smoked.  The headchange comes on quick, and while it has a decent slap and will leave you hazy eyed, you’ll have no issue remaining focused and on task. I’d say this is really a great any time of day smoke as it’s got a touch of euphoric energy that will make you feel good about handling whatever you have going on that day, whether it’s just a day of gaming and chatting with friends, or smashing out a full to-do list of chores. If you’re looking for something that has a solid middle of the road kind of energy that won’t leave you too spun up or sedated, if you can find it at a ticket you’re comfortable with, I’d say you can’t go wrong with this PBB from Curated Cannabis.

Platinum OG from Farmer and the Felon

Platinum OG from Farmer and the Felon via Tropicanna on 6/12/2020. THC tested out to 18.73% THC (thanks to Jim Walsh and the awesome staff at Tropicanna for making it happen). This was gifted to me, but it goes for $65 plus sales tax, so roughly $73 out the door. I admit, when I saw this big black mylar bag on the shelf at Tropicanna I wasn’t sure what to expect, but intrigued by the brand’s mission to help the Last Prisoner Project I was more than on board to give it the once over. These tiny popcorn buds are a mix of lime and forest greens, dark brownish red pistils, and a fairly formidable coating of spiked yellowing triches.

The nose out of the jar is a sweet citrus coupled with fuel and a light musty undertone. Grinding it down by hand that sweet lemony fuel stays up top but a minor eucalyptus like vibe kicks around in the background. The dry pull on the jay is a light sweet lemon with a touch of fuel lining up with the scent profile perfectly. The inhale is smooth and has a very faint toasted lemon on the joint as where the bong is more of a grungy lemon must with a hint of sweetness. The exhale is on both is a light lemony earthy must that leans a just a little sweeter on the joint. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c I get a minty floral and at 185c it’s still strongly floral but less minty and has a faint skunky beer aftertaste. The headchange comes on fairly quick and gently lifts you up to a moderate hazy state. You feel a slight increase of pressure on your shoulders while your eyes glaze over, yet, you can remain focused with relative ease. It’s a mild smoke that feels really “general purpose” to me as it’s pretty complementary to any situation where you don’t want to be baked out of your skull but prefer to be lit yet present. If you are looking for the best of the best, this isn’t going to be it, but you’re looking for a decent middle of the road budget smoke then I would say you can’t beat the ticket on this half zip bag that goes for the same as some top shelf jars out there. If what’s in this batch is evident of the quality coming out of Farmer and the Felon, with the added fact that some of the dough helps free people behind bars for cannabis related offenses, then I can definitely see myself grabbing more in the very near future. Props to the whole Farmer and the Felon team for putting out a really decent product at a bargain ticket in the name of a great cause!

Jealousy from Minntz

Jealousy from Minntz / Qanabliss via Evergreen Santa Ana on 5/7/2020 (Shoutout to Matt at Evergreen for the assist!). THC tested out to 29.4% THC. With a discount, I got this for about $60 out the door, it typically goes for $65ish pre-tax. I was not impressed with The Soap from Minntz but I’d heard a lot of good things about Jealousy so when I saw it was in stock at Evergreen here in Santa Ana I decided to give it another shot. These semi-dense buds are mostly an eye widening midnight blue with dots of olive green, coupled with flares of construction paper black sugar leaves contrasted against fiery orange pistils, all frosted over in a healthy coat of lemon chiffon triches.

The nose out of the bag is a grungy sweet fruit coupled with a strong fresh element and a hint of vanilla that hits me like how I’d imagine a Hi-Chew version of Cherimoya flavor smells. On busting open a nug, the sweet fruit shifts with the introduction of a pastry dough, resulting in more of an apple pie sprinkled with rock sugar vibe and just a hint of mint in the background. It breaks down easily by hand and leaves a sticky sweet minty film on the fingertips. The scent is a sweet grungy fruit with mint and a touch of pine that reminds me a lot of gelato but with a sugary uplifting zing. The dry pull on the joint has a very faint honeysuckle sweetness with a twist of mint. The inhale is smooth and comes off like light toasted mint on the joint, whereas the bong offers a mild sweet mint soap quality. The exhale from the joint is sweet minty floral with a soap like aftertaste, where the bong is very soapy upfront with a strong mint pine, similar to a muted version of what I’d imagine Irish Spring Gum would taste like if it were to exist. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial the pine-sol vibes are undeniable at both 170c and 185c but on the former it leans minty to the point it gives off a strong sensation you feel on your tongue on inhale where on the latter, while still minty, leans a bit more floral. The headchange comes on quick and has a fairly healthy slap that caught me off guard more than once. I’d look down at the bowl in a stoned haze expecting to see ash only to realize I’d barely taken greens and would excitedly polish off the snap. It has that dough face fuzzy forehead feeling that moves down into your body and puts a floaty bounce in your step. Over time you’ll notice some cognitive lock as it steps up the pressure and puts you on the couch, if not to bed, depending on the time of day. I really liked this batch of Jealousy and it redeemed Minntz in my book after the poor experience I had with the Soap which gives me hope for their other offerings. That said, I still would have a hard time justifying a re-up at it’s normal price as $65 pre-tax really steep, and frankly there’s a lot of amazing flower to choose from out there that’s sub-$60 out the door. However, if you happen to swing a good price on it somewhere or if you’re rich and don’t check the tag, I’d say you should give it a shot and see for yourself as its a unique looking, great smelling herb, with a really pleasant headchange. Great job to Minntz and the Qanabliss team on this one, it’s got my attention, and I look forward to getting more of their flavors in the rotation.

Lime Sherbet from 3C Farms

Lime Sherbet from 3C Farms via OG Cannabis Cafe on 2/21/2020. THCa tested out to 24.26%. (Shoutout to Matt at 3C Farms and Red Rodriguez at the OG Cannabis Cafe for making it happen) Not going to mention what I picked it up for here so the post doesn’t get deleted but hit the link in my bio for a 100% uncensored review. Out of all the samples from 3C Farms I gravitated toward this one for my second review as I’m a fan of citrus scents in my herb. These semi dense buds look to be pear in color but the mass amounts of yellowed triches flooding the surface give it more of a chartreuse appearance with sporadic pops of reddish brown pistils fighting their way to the top of the mini canopy with all their might.

The nose out of the jar is a hyper musty version of Jack. It’s got a strong potpourri floral scent coupled with an acrid spice that, when combined, give me virgin lime margarita like vibes. On busting open a bud a sugar sweet fruit emerges complimenting that musty jack and shifting into more of a candy lime overall. When breaking it down by hand the mustiness completely disappears and gives off a very sweet tangy lime scent that harkens back to its namesake. The dry pull on the joint has a faint musty lime with a sugar sweet edge. The inhale is smooth and has a smokey tang on the joint where as on the bong it offered a muted freshness with a citrus zing. The exhale on the joint has a minor sweet lime with a bit of a tangy after taste on the joint where as the bong has a bit of a fuller lime aftertaste. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes I noticed got a lime taste with a fresh aspect to it at 170c and noticed the lime seemed to pop just slightly more at 185c while the freshness took a backseat. The headchange comes on with a quickness and has a noticeably racy almost caffeine like paranoid lilt. It’s the kind of herb that gets me on my feet and walking around with no real plan but constantly looking for places to invest that morning wake and bake energy. I found myself quickly organizing my thoughts, compiling a list of tasks to complete, and getting excited to start knocking them out one by one. Lime Sherbet exemplified all the qualities I look for in a sativa and I’ll definitely grab more next time I’m near one of 3Cs shops and in need of a potent morning strain to kick me in the pants and start off my day the right way. Excellent work by the whole Crew at 3C Farms! Please let me know if you ever make a Clockwork Elves batch of Lime Sherbet, I’d be all over it.

Life After Lowell – A second trip to the Cannabis Cafe

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to be invited to a candid conversation with the current management of the OG Cannabis Cafe. Walking up to the location in my old neighborhood, not exactly sure what to expect, my head was filled with pre-conceived notions on what was currently going on with the cafe. In my mind, Lowell had used their money and influence to get the cafe open in order to push their boof at an exorbitant price on to tourists and those unfamiliar with good cannabis, and now that they are facing massive legal trouble from all angles, they changed the name as an additional shady tactic in order to try and protect this new unique asset from harm or scrutiny. What I learned is that I was completely wrong.

It turns out Lowell’s involvement with the cafe was very brief. They co-opted plans that were in the works for a long time, attempted and were successful in raising a new round of funding on the back of a concept they didn’t own or create, and were painstakingly forced out (mostly) once their true motivations became known. The efforts to open the cafe stretch back 4 years and started with a small group of forward thinking individuals that wanted to open an Amsterdam style coffee shop in West Hollywood. While that is a very straight forward and easily understood idea, making the leap from concept to reality was a much more difficult endeavor. Through rigorous effort and promises of civil good, this group was able to convince the city of West Hollywood to create a special cannabis consumption lounge license, however this was not without some incredibly strict stipulations placed on the location by the city. For example, if a neighbor complains of the smell of cannabis smoke the cafe can be shut down. Luckily this has not happened as of yet but I found that fact particularly jaw dropping as when I lived in Hollywood I’d walk by the cafe location near daily and smoke joints in the open as my roommate did not want me smoking weed in our apartment. I know I wasn’t the only one out smoking on those streets, I used to pass by other smokers as we gave each other a look of acknowledgement or might even mention the strain we’re smoking as we passed. It’s literally everywhere around that area so this sort strict regulation seems arbitrary but it turns out it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the strange rules the Cannabis Cafe must operate by in order to simply exist.

The Cannabis Cafe is actually two separate entities ran out of one location. One is a restaurant and one is a dispensary which means a whole host of regulatory agencies can make demands of the space as they see fit without having to consult with one another to see if they make logical sense. One of most evident examples of bending to the will of myopic regulations is the placement of the bathroom. The state of California views the Cannabis Cafe as a dispensary, and solely a dispensary, and as such there cannot be a public facing bathroom attached to the cannabis space. This might make sense in a vacuum of bureaucratic thought, but in practice it forced the cafe to wall off a convenient entry to the bathroom from the patio and anyone in need of its use now must walk out the front door, around the back to an entrance that serves the bathroom and the bathroom alone. Without this knowledge, the location of the bathroom just seems like bad planning on the part of the management as opposed to a savvy workaround in place due to narrow-minded regulation. For every aspect of the Cafe that “doesn’t make sense” there tends to be a bureaucratic requirement behind it.

That said, one of the biggest things that “didn’t make sense” to me were the prices on the menu. I figured if a normal dispensary can survive selling a certain brand/strain for X price, why was that same brand/strain on the cafe menu at $20-30 more than you can find it in your average rec shop? At first my thought was they are simply following a restaurant-bar model and while you can get a six pack of Flat Tire at the store for X price, you’re going to pay a significant amount more for 6 Flat Tires at a bar. While that is essentially true there’s a little more meat to it. While it’s technically a dispensary, the management admits it’s essentially a “bad one” as it’s not set up to push massive amounts of weight. Personally, when I visit a dispensary I spend no more than 10 minutes engaging with a budtender and I’ll drop 3-500 dollars and have my smoke for the next month. No one is doing that at the Cannabis Cafe. Their average patron will come in and buy a pre-roll or an 8th and will stay for an hour or longer. Not only will the amount they pick up during their stay be much less than an average visit to the dispensary, but any ash, roaches or other cannabis related trash they leave behind is considered “cannabis waste” and must be tracked, accounted for, and disposed of in accordance with state dispensary regulations. The amount of waste they handle alone when compared to a typical dispensary must be enormous as must be the associated costs. When taking into account these atypical factors it’s a wonder the menu prices aren’t even more expensive.

My initial trip to the Cafe was on a Saturday shortly after it opened. It was busy, cramped, and the visit felt very rushed as the wait staff stopped refilling our waters shortly before our 90 minute time limit was up. My friend and I felt the invisible hand of discomfort ushering us out of the restaurant. Visiting mid week the experience I saw others around me having was completely different. There was no sense of chaos, the ambiance was very chill and everyone at every table was having a great time. I even witnessed our flower server showing someone how to hit a bong for the first time. She was very helpful, encouraging and really took her time with them until they felt comfortable doing it on their own. It was awesome and I couldn’t help but think if only this place were open when I lived here that’d I’d be a weekday regular popping in for one of those $10 joint specials and taking advantage of the locals discount. It would have been nice to have a chill place to smoke instead of looking over my shoulder constantly as I paced the neighborhood in order to placate my roommate. I know I’m not unique in that sense either as there are many folks in that area who can’t smoke in their own apartments. That said, this Saturday (2/1/2020), they have over 900 reservations which is a number I really have a hard time visualizing. While I have no doubt the weekend experience has improved since my last visit, I’d say the the best time to get a real feel for what the Cannabis Cafe is all about is to drop by mid-day mid-week. It’s got a great vibe and some awesome specials that make stopping much easier on the wallet.

My trip to Cannabis Cafe this second time around was an eye opening experience that really turned me around on whats going on there. It’s not a cash grab by an evil boof pushing empire. It’s the result of the hard work of a small group of individuals that had a dream to open a cannabis cafe in West Hollywood, and after a bit of major turbulence due to Lowell’s involvement, they’ve regained control, improved what they could immediately (like the completely revamped cannabis menu) are making herculean moves to create a welcoming space for cannabis users of every level from the canna-curious to the well seasoned smoker. While it’s a journey that’s been incredibly difficult for those at the center of it the reward is the existence of this truly unique space that celebrates cannabis in every aspect. While you might not find me there on a packed weekend picking up my monthly supply of flower, I can imagine you’ll find me there on occasion mid-week smoking a on a discount J, munching on some fries with friends, or working on my next review. I’ll definitely be back as soon as I can.

Willie’s Kushmints from Indoor Organic Gardens

Willie’s Kushmints from Indoor Organic Gardens via Gulf Coast Haze Collective on 10/31/19. THC tested out to 25.24%. Acquired for a donation of $50 total. When I saw IOG was making new drops around So Cal I was determined to get my hands on some. These Willie’s Kushmints are absolutely stunning. The buds are a beautiful combination of light green and deep purple with pale orange hairs winding their way through the crags of a trich blasted nugscape.

The nose out of the jar is fruity with a sweet cake. In my first impressions video I said it smells like those delicious Bon Appetite Berry Cheese Danishes that you’d get at a gas station and I stand by that description. On breaking the nug I pick up the same scent however it gets louder and is accompanied by a hint of mint. When breaking it up by hand you get a slight stick on the fingers and the mint blasts its way to the foreground battling for dominance against that sweet vanilla cake scent. The inhale is smooth as expected and I pick up on a taste that reminds me of toasted marshmallow while on the exhale I get mint with a sort of earthy copper aftertaste. The headchange is very interesting as it comes on quick but grips your brain gently at first and then starts to slowly squeeze. As I was walking around the house I felt as if everything just slowed down. After a single bowl any sense of urgency I had in the minutes before completely disappeared. I found myself on autopilot with the occasional hiccup, like opening the wrong cupboard and taking what felt like 2 or 3 full seconds to understand that, as I moved through the chores on my list. Even while putting together this review I find myself writing words out of order or writing the wrong words all together. My thought processes all twisted up and slightly suspended like the noodles in a plate of spaghetti. Over time, it’ll sap of you of your energy completely and you’ll want to find place to sit down for a while, hopefully in front of TV with drink and snack in hand as I feel the munchies are strong with this one. Overall I’d say WKM doesn’t smack so much as it does smashes you slowly into the ground until you’re ready for a nap. Another fantastic batch from IOG at a really reasonable ticket when considering it’s of the highest caliber. Great work to the awesome folks at IOG once again, I definitely didn’t expect anything less, but you guys really knocked out of the park.