Sugar Cake by Jungle Boys

Divorce Cake x Jungle Cake

Well, I fell for the “don’t miss this absolute fire” post put out by Jungle Boys and scooped Sugar Cake. The bag appeal on this one was crazy. So much so that I couldn’t really get a picture I liked of it. It was almost like the shimmer of the frost was fucking up the color settings or something, very weird…. but, I don’t know jack about photography as probably can be seen by my inconsistent results. The buds were all kinds of green with arrays of orange pistils, mostly at the tops. They were heavily coated in resin, so much so that the flowers actually came out looking odd.

When smelling you get a sweet and skunky, earthy smell. Not really a very exciting aroma, kind of reminded me of Jungle Cake terps but not as good, and nothing discernible from the Divorce Cake. When smoking it came across as earthy skunk or basic weed taste, and there was nothing wrong with how it burned. The high with this was solid and definitely did what it needed to do — relaxed me and elevated my mood. Overall, this strain was very boring and not at all what I was expecting. Nothing Exoticz about this one.

Gummy Gas by NorCal Nemo

Pretty stoked to have the opportunity to review this one, as I know it’s a pretty limited release and a very expensive one! The flower is a pretty even shade of green all the way through, with some very faint orange pistils sprung out in a way that reminds me of some kind of sea urchin. I noted lots of great trichome coverage on this. The structure and appearance really have the “well grown cannabis” look to me. There was more sugar leaf left after the trim than my preference, but wasn’t horrible. With that said, when you get to these price points, you really want to be picky.

The aroma was enjoyable in a way that makes you want to go back to the jar over and over again, to revisit the delicious smell — a tropical fruit mixture, not over-ripe or rotten like the guavas or papayas, but fresh, with mostly citrus fruit notes and some exotic twist. There’s also this minty gas, like a nice sweet menthol, that gives this some artificial candy smell, so I can comfortably say this is one of those strains that smells like it’s named. When smoking, it does do a decent job of maintaining its taste. It’s not super strong, punch-you-in-the-face — it’s more the “terps under the smoke” type vibe. This smokes and burns really clean and damn near perfect, although I did receive it a slight bit wetter than my preference. Normally I’m cool with all that, but again, at this price point I’m being super picky. The other thing is, you taste the extra sugar leaf and it really adds un-enjoyable bitterness. Not overwhelming, but definitely there. I properly trimmed a nug and smoked the sugar leaf on its own, and then the bud on its own. First, no question that’s where the bitterness is coming from, and second, the sugar leaf by itself had quite a strong head change (and it was a clean enjoyable one) so I could see the argument for the trim based on that. The high on this one was pretty strong. It comes on reasonable at a good comfortable head change, that slowly transitions into a pretty strong euphoric high. This one really got my mind rushing and had me feeling a sort of buzzy head pressure (not uncomfortable but there). It eventually mellows into a fairly active high that, for me, made tackling some much-needed and physically-demanding yard work quite doable. For sure much more enjoyable of a job than it typically would be. Overall this is some very well grown weed, that you could argue needs a slightly better trim job. Not overwhelming in flavor, but solid. For me, an experienced smoker, it delivered a substantial and enjoyable high. It boasts some cool and really unique genetics that you can’t really get anywhere else. Plus there’s that little bit of pride from scoring elusive flowers that not everyone gets to smoke. If those boxes checked make it worth the ticket, I’d say grab it. Otherwise, you can find some flowers here and there that I would say smoke at similar quality, and often times with punchier terps, at a more reasonable ticket.

Frosted Gelato by The Jungle Boys

Gelato 45 x Mike and Larry

So there’s a lot of Gelato in here, and if it hadn’t been for a buddy saying he really enjoyed it, I probably wouldn’t have scooped it. The flowers were pretty striking, with lots of purples and just enough green and orange to give it some contrasting looks that really appeal to the eye. Nugs had good shape, nice structure and cure, and were really easy to work with.

When smelling this flower, you get a nice gassy sweetness that definitely reminds me of Gelato — but there’s this almost-artificial candy terp there too, that makes it sweeter and more enjoyable than a typical Gelato. When smoking, you really taste the sweet gas of the Gelato, with some extra earthy and sweet notes I don’t typically think I’d taste with a Gelato. Although the taste didn’t blow me away, it was still quite solid and enjoyable. With this flower the notable thing was the head change — came on quick and strong. Not too long before I felt like my extremities weighed twice as much and was feeling clumsy walking around the room. I have to say, it was an outstanding high that lasted a good amount of time. Definitely had me couch locked once too. Overall, not the most unique terps and not really up my alley taste-wise, but I would definitely grab this one again just for the high.

Lemon Cherry Gelato by B Easy Buds

Ok so was super stoked to contacted by Beasy himself and that he enjoyed my reviews and was interested in having his flowers reviewed. It’s a bit of a nerve racking experience when you meet these people before reviewing their product because I’m very aware of the work and risk involved and plus they’re usually very nice people so I don’t want to disrespect that but also balancing that with not disrespecting the trust my followers give me. With that being said all these reviews will be honest and any criticism will be as constructive and respectful as possible. The appearance on these flowers was crazy so much so I posted to my story just to show them off. Dark purple flowers for the most part. Some bits of darker greens on possibly the inside of the plant where it might have stayed insulated and warmer than the rest of the environment and not turning purple. Great solid structure with a crazy amount of trichome coverage. When I say crazy I mean some of the most I’ve seen on any flowers I’ve had. It’s quite spectacular looking. The cure was perfect not wet but sticky easy to work with and break apart.

When smell the flower it’s a sweet and gassy lemon treeish smell that’s really in my wheelhouse of lemon terps. With the sweetness it also reminds me a bit of the lemonade terps I really enjoy just not as tangy. When smoking the taste really transfers over very well. I really couldn’t find anything thing missing from the flavors that I was smelling. The smoke and burn was clean and really burned just right. The terps also had a decent punch to them that left my coated in that sweet lemon terp. The high was a pretty medium high that was uplifting and relaxing. Definitely not a good smoke if you got a lot to do but will still allow you to be creative or enjoy some video games or funny tv. Overall I was really stoked on the quality of flowers and even I’d say pleasantly surprised by the all around solid offering here. I can give it a strong recommendation to the pickiest of smokers.

Grapes of Wrath by Wonderbrett

Grape pie x Jet fuel gelato

So I’m a pretty big fan of Wonderbrett they have some really strong unique flavors that come at a real reasonable price compared to flowers that are less consistent and more expensive. I kept hearing Grapes of Wrath was one of the best so was super stoked to do this review. The flower really was quite nice looking with a good variety of green colors and even little bits of purple in there too. A nice coating of trichomes that gives it the nice salted appearance.

Upon smelling I was really surprisingly underwhelmed by the smell and really only got a little bit of sweetness and dusty earthiness. This flower really had pretty near perfect structure of flower great shape good size. But when handling I noticed right away it was pretty dry. And I guessing that’s why the lack of smell. Now since I post my reviews a little slow there’s always some confusion on the packaging dates and when I smoked and handled this flower. So to make things clear this flower was packaged on 3/18/21. I first opened and smoked this flower on 4/28/21. I’ll admit that’s a little past my typical one month rule but still well within a range I feel should still have someMoisture. Definitely interested in your thoughts and experiences on this. When smoking not a lot of flavor came through mostly tasted like smoke and the earthiness I could smell. Maybe a little bit of sweetness too but very faint. The high was a sedative one that really made it easy to settle in and relax. I instantly felt my eyelids get heavy and an overall feeling of calm wash over me. I could also see it being very useful for sleep. Overall not the best representation of Wonderbrett or probably of this strain. If I can get a chance to get it fresh I’ll definitely try again. This is a good example of why those dates on the back matter. They just need to be more consistent so we really can have a threshold in place that works for us.

Cookies and Cream by WookSauce Winery

GSC x Starfighter

So there was a lot of hype when this was dropping and it got me excited to try it. Right away looking at it there’s no doubt that this really clean 6* hash. I instantly think of the white sands of a tropical beach but even more pure in color. When opening and taking a smell your immediately hit with this creamy vanilla cake gas and sweetness that really stands out and is surprising loud after a fresh thaw. The consistency once thawed started to stick together even when there was no evidence of greasing up. Made it a little like working with a more manageable fresh press.

When dabbing it’s this creamy cake flavor that really is sweet like a dessert with this gassy element that really makes it something I want to dab again and again. I remember reading a previous review that really had me excited that this was going to be a heavy dab I don’t remember who it was but really doesn’t matter because it wasn’t that for me. It was a nice relaxing high and definitely substantial enough for me to be stoked on it and really made watching tv a much more engaging experience and my movie quite a bit funnier. Overall I’m stoked on this one great looking hash that has awesome terps and melts super clean with a very enjoyable high. I would say if you get a chance to try this one do it.

Rose Runtz by Rose Gardens Ca

Zkittlez x Gelato

After smelling some good stuff by Rose I was eager to try. Unfortunately they didn’t have what I got a look and smell of but was pretty stoked they had just dropped Rose Runtz. Beautiful looking buds that I’m not sure of the grow method but based on the structure I’m guessing organic living soil. Striking contrasting colors of greens and purples with so much resin coverage that it gives it a silver shimmer. The rust orange pistils really make the colors pop and give this flower a really nice look.

When smelling you could smell a little sweetness similar to gelato but so much of the runtz sweetness. Also lots of gas and then some odd burning rubber chem smell. It was honestly a concerning and and not appetizing smell. The structure was nice and easy to work with but when picking it apart was still unfinished and a little too damp. When smoking it tasted like it smelled for better or worse. The ash wasn’t great but not black. It didn’t burn dirty but didn’t really burn clean. The high was pretty standard I felt relaxed pretty quickly and in a better mood but the taste was distracting and kept my mind ruminating on it as I sat there high. I think a lot of my problem was personal preference as I had a fairly picky buddy grab the rest from me because I didn’t enjoy enough to finish. Overall it looks fire smells interesting smokes like it smells and although a little wet I don’t think any of the issues were grow or chemical related. So if I could get the right strain and smell it ahead of time would possibly get again but at the price tag would have to be just right.

Yellow Zushi by Ten Co. (Zkittlez x Kushmints)

After trying a little bit of a buddies Yellow Zushi I was really eager to get and review. Many thanks to Percy Terps and Ftt for making it happen. The appearance of the flower definitely has a lot of the bushy zkittlez characteristics but there are some other buds that seem more influenced by the Kushmints and have a more traditional structure. Nice bright lime green color with some sporadic spots of hunter green. Slightly above avg coverage of pistils and slightly below average coating of trichomes also typical for zkittlez strains.

When smelling you get very sweet candy and citrus terps. I heard few people say they tasted pineapple terps but to me it was like an overripe grapefruit mixed with some pine and earthiness. When smoking I honestly wish the smell came through more. You definitely got the typical artificial menthol candy terps at a good strength but the grapefruit terps almost completely disappear. That in its self would have been fire but unfortunately it have a very bitter finish and didn’t burn the best. The positive out weighed the negative but compared to the previous batch I was disappointed. The high came on through the eyes and spread down the body with a warm sensation of happiness and stress relief. When smoking before bed it was great for me but be careful because it could easily get your mind over active if you’re prone to that. Overall I was disappointed with the burn but still can’t advise you to avoid because if you catch the right batch it’s going to be some of the best smoke out right now.

Papaya Punch by Resin Ranch Extraction

I really feel like Resin Ranch is one of the best hash makers in the game without a doubt. Plus if you ever had the pleasure of communicating with him he’s a genuinely nice guy. So right away that makes me want to support. This jar of hash was nearly white in color and of the cold cure variety. Definitely looking more wet than the other flavor I grabbed.

When smelling you definitely get that pungent sweet and sickening smell of papaya in this case the smell was sweeter than usual and I was attributing that too the Purple Punch in the cross. When dabbing you get a mixed fruit candy taste. You a taste the papaya but has a different sweetness to it and reminded me of a special flavor of Kool-aid. The high comes on pretty quickly mostly a head high. Very Euphoric and has that uplifting feel that makes you want to go out and socialize. Its also great for physical activities especially creative ones. The one negative is that it was so terpy that it was slightly harsh or it could have been that flavor combo and I couldn’t handle large dabs of it. Overall another banger by Resin Ranch and even though it wasn’t perfect for me you can really tell it’s fire.

Gelonade by Ten Co.

Gelonade is definitely one of my favorite strains and I was hearing that the Elite batch by Tenco was some fire. The flower itself although nothing wrong with it some would say it has a boring appearance. The buds had a nice mix of light and darker greens with a uniform pattern of pistils that overall gives the bud a speckled look. A decent coating of resin that has everything looking nice. Small squatty buds that we’re cured nice and easy to remove stems and such.

When smelling you get the sharp citrus that I recognized write away as lemon tree’s contribution to the flower also very sweet and creamy with a smooth smoke. I had Connected’s version close to this one and although very similar the Ten co’s version burned better tasted stronger with extra gas. And none of the weird bitter finish. The high was also a bit stronger and came on through the head first and as your eyes start to feel it you start to notice just an overall relaxed feeling throughout the whole body. Definitely a really good mood elevator and not sleepy high so great for social situations or low energy creative ventures. Like not drumming because my arms felt slow. Overall another winner by Ten co and look forward to more elite batches.