Super Gremlin from Champelli

Super Gremlin from Champelli via Bonafide Maywood on 9/18/2022. THC tested out to 32.65%. This cost about $70 out the door with a first time discount in play. It goes from $60-70 pre-tax at a couple shops I have seen in the area so you are looking at around $80-95 out the door unless you play those discounts right. I was on my way to LA to kick it with an old smoking buddy and was in the market for a hashhole, so I hit up LA Family Farms to ask if they had made any fresh drops, and they directed me to Bonafide in Maywood. I scanned the menu for anything that might pique my interest and when I spotted the rad artwork on this bag of Super Gremlin from Champelli, in the ultimate custy moment, I decided to roll with it based on that and that alone. 

The surface of these semi fluffy shrub-like buds were mostly a mix of mint and emerald green, that at times dipped into dark shades of forest, and even deeper still into scattered tones of violet and aubergine, coupled an ubiquitous netting of rusty yam orange pistils, and a light flocking of white and egg cream colored triches. 

The nose out of the bag comes off as a savory GMO like funk with a semi sweet minty edge backing it. When breaking open a bud, there’s a really beautiful mix of that chem scent and a near eucalyptus like mint doing a capoeira style dance as they harmoniously battle it out for supremacy, with a hint of sweet floral watching from the sidelines. Busting it down by hand left my fingers inundated with a minty triche grime, while the grinds themselves had a fresh semi-sweet mint gas, as well as waves of that gmo-ish funk which amplified the decibel level of the scent overall, giving it this extremely gassy funk with a savory soy sauce vibe. My notes say “somewhere between gum and gasoline, with savory soy sauce lilts rolling in like a mini-wake after the passing of an old slow boat”. Usually I don’t seek out the information on genetics prior to finishing up a review, but I was surprised to learn there was no GMO in this given the smell, and from what I read on @thefirescale ‘s page it’s actually a cross of Zkittlez and Gusher Pie.

A dry pull on the joint came through initially as what I’d describe as a supermint gas, the mint is firing on all cylinders and really steals the show, and even lingers for a bit afterward. The inhale had a slightly funky mint on the joint whereas on the bong it was more of grungy gas that quickly morphed into sweet mint. The exhale was a semi sweet floral mint, where the sting of the funk and gassy mint started to coat the tongue over the course of the joint, while the bong came off musty and creamy as first but also had this freshly cracked pepper jolt along an herbaceous pop that was reminiscent of sarsaparilla. I did not try this one out on the vape, but I’d imagine that the mint would have come through in spades as that’s what I seem to experience most often at those lower temps.  

The headchange comes on fairly heavy at first, taking the wind right out of my sails, making anything I’d hoped to achieve that day a distant memory as IDGAF mode settled right in. Physically, I felt pressure on the bridge of my nose that got gradually more intense as it moved into the center of my forehead, while also feeling lighter and generally more buoyant in the upper half of my body. I found myself wanting to kick back and not really have to pay too much attention to anything, I put youtube on the TV and just let it run through random music playlists as I let my mind wander in a similar way. I was really on the fence about the effect down to the very last bowl. I set out to see what I really felt about the headchange, one last attempt in earnest, so I smoked the last of it in two back to back bowls and promptly forgot my previous intentions. It wasn’t until 20 minutes later or so I remembered and thought to myself “well, if that doesn’t prove how damn good it is, I can’t say what else will”. About 20 minutes after that I started to fight the urge to smoke another bowl of something else. The effect seems to stay with you for a bit, but after that first 40 minutes or so the volume goes low enough where you still feel it, but it’s not quite enough to keep from wanting to scratch that itch again. 

Overall I enjoyed this batch of Super Gremlin, I’m glad I picked it up, and I think it was a solid first introduction to Champelli’s current offerings That being said, at the standard rate it goes for at a couple different places I’ve spot checked out there, I’d have a hard time justifying a re-up as there are just way too many awesome flavors available within that bracket, and the temptation to try something new out weighs a replay in this particular case. However, if for some reason I found an awesome deal on it out there somewhere, and could get it at around $50-55 out the door, I admit I’d pick it up again with little hesitation. 

Giant Fuyu from Turtle Pie Co

Giant Fuyu from Turtle Pie Co via Catalyst Downtown Long Beach on 7/22/2022. THC tested out to 28.95%. This was about $35 out the door with Catalyst’s #weedforthepeople discount, normally it goes for $75 out the door. The Turtlepie/GreenDawg/BluePrint gang made their way down to Catalyst Long Beach for a meet and greet and to run a killer promo with Catalyst. They were a solid group of folks and I had a great time chatting them up. I asked @barneyhastheblueprint out of flavors Catalyst had in stock which one he would recommend, and without hesitation he said “Giant Fuyu”, so I decided to roll with it and see what’s good.

The surface of these semi-dense mini-trident shaped buds are a patchwork of tea and emerald greens that rapidly shift into deep rich aubergines, coupled with sporadic bursts of ginger orange pistils snaking their way across the budscape in small spurts, all of which is heavily frosted over in a vision obscuring blizzard of mellow yellow triches. 

The nose out of the jar is extremely fruity sweet, but has these grungy and minty aspects as well, which when taken together gives the scent a bit of a sweet yet spiced quality. I admit, I have never smelled a fuyu persimmon before so I have no basis for comparison when it comes to this experience, but I will say that there’s something in this scent profile that is mildly reminiscent of the shell of a Peruvian granadilla which is one of my favorite foreign fruits. Breaking open a bud the sweetness takes it up a notch, it’s a bit difficult to describe, but essentially it feels like the sugariness goes up an octave and maintains that higher pitch while that natural grungy fruit element remains firmly present, which pushes that mint towards the background. It almost comes off like a honeydew with a grungy and musty tinge. Busting it down by hand, my fingers stay with that sweet minty honeydew smell, whereas the grinds have more of a waxy fruit sweetness. It comes off similar to a melon hi-chew with a light minty gas edge. 

The dry pull on the joint has this fruity sweetness with a table sugar touch that dug up an ancient memory for me. When I was in 4th grade or so we’d walk by this patch of flowers on the way back from the bus stop, pick them and suck the ends of them and they tasted sweet in this exact same way. We called them honeysuckles but that looks to be incorrect as I’ve searched around on google, and I think they were morning glory’s from what I’m seeing, but no one seems to talk about sucking on the ends of them so I’m not entirely sure. It could just be a weird thing us group of 4th graders just started doing. In any case, it has a very pleasant near honey sweet taste. 

On the inhale from the bong I get a slightly acrid yet grungy sweet sensation, whereas the inhale on the joint has a musty dough like sweetness, the “sour” aspect of the dough comes through as well, signed off by a minty lilt. The exhale on the bong hits with a musty sweet semi-fruity floral that had occasional inconsistent echoes of savory bbq, whereas the joint had a deep musty fruit that was enveloped by this gassy exterior, which at times dipped into this grape-ish brandywine like flavor. My notes say that “the mustiness and sweetness seem to alternate as if they are helicopter kicking my tongue on the way out” and that the fruitiness lingered for a good few minutes afterward, with that aftertaste coming off exactly the same way as if I had eaten a melon hi-chew just moments ago. Cross checking the flavor on my GhostVapes MV1 at the one available temp I have left, I get a fruity sweet inhale with a mint pine backing, whereas the exhale comes off as pure piney floral. 

The headchange comes on quickly and has a bit of get up and go initially and some solid forehead pressure. Mentally I didn’t feel any worse for wear, I was fully functional and able to focus with no issue, and it put me in a positive state of mind so I was able to tackle tasks I’d been putting off with a fresh perspective and a better attitude. It mellows out a bit later and comes with a very chill vibe that lasts a ridiculously long time. As I write this, I smoked the last bowl of the batch about 3 hours ago, and I’m still feeling as if I smoked a bowl of average herb just a few minutes ago, so that’s some really impressive staying power. 

All and all I really enjoyed this batch of Giant Fuyu, it’s some extremely well grown herb, the nose translated near perfectly to the taste, and the effect managed to stay with me for hours. Without a doubt I’d pick this up again in a heartbeat at the rate it went for that night with Catalyst’s #weedforthepeople discount in place. I still can’t get over that ticket and I’m kicking myself for not picking up a couple more jars. At the normal rate I’d be a bit more hesitant as there’s just so much potential within that bracket, but I’d say Giant Fuyu definitely earns that spot on that top shelf, and if not for the deal I would have made my way to picking it eventually and I would have been equally satisfied. My wallet however would have been a bit sadder heading out the dispensary door. Great job on this one Turtle Pie Team, I’m definitely looking forward to getting more of your stuff up on the page, keep up the great work! 

Marshmallow Og by 710 Labs

A flavor from “the list”! I’m one of many that got an exciting email about 710’s flavor list, just to be told I’m not in their current delivery area. Thankfully for me, @westcoastweedreviews is in the right area, and he provided me this flower in a trade. Thanks bro!

I loved the look of this flower. It had that slightly spread out look of organic soil-grown bud. The resin coating was heavy and the colors were striking, with lots of bright greens and a purple bud here and there.

It had fairly long and whispy pistils in a vibrant orange that really catches the eye.

When smelling this flower, I got a blend of herbal aromas that was pretty complex and interesting. The main notes that stood out to me were eucalyptus, mint, black licorice, and artificial candy sweetness.

When smoking, the herbal flavors came through really nicely, with a pop of mint and skunky earthiness, and a light overall funkiness in the background with the black licorice. The sweet artificial smell didn’t really translate to the taste, unfortunately.

The high came on strong and quick. For anyone saying that 710 never has heavy strains, I’d recommend giving this a smoke. It hit me hard and I quickly felt some clumsiness kick in. The high that it settled into felt easy and relaxed, and put me in a great mood whenever I smoked it. The Marshmallow OG was one of the best highs for me in a while, actually.

Overall, this was great looking bud with good flavor and a killer high. To all the 710 haters — I say give this one a try.

Pink Taffy by Wca

I’ve seen WCA popping up a lot as one of people’s favorite hash. They have appeal with cool packaging and flavors, and from what I’ve seen their hash is consistent in having the lighter color and wet look. The Pink Taffy met my expectations for look based on the hash I’ve seen from them before. Mine was slightly yellowed off-white, that looked like a dollop of putty with a nice wet sheen.

When smelling this, I got a very sweet candy version of the overripe tropical fruit smell I usually get with a Papaya. Although I couldn’t smell the gas, I could sense some sting/tingle with a really deep inhale.

I was surprised when I tasted this. To me it just tasted like a straight Papaya, although maybe sweeter than usual. I definitely got the overripe, almost rotting, tropical fruit taste, but not much more. The dab was fairly harsh to the throat, and it might have been the terps, but honestly the flavor wasn’t overpowering like that. I’ve heard some weird rumors about why that could be, but until I hear them better confirmed I’m leaving them alone.

The Pink Taffy high was decently nice and relaxing. It left me feeling uplifted, but also like I needed more to it. I would’ve liked to see the high last longer. Overall, this was a decent tasting dab, with great look and eye appeal, but with too high of a ticket for the quality.

Hair contamination

JawBreakers from Russian Assassin Boyz and Traditional Los Angeles

Jawbreakers from The Russian Assassin Boyz via Los Angeles Traditional on 7/17/2021 (big thanks to them both for making it happen!). THC not listed on this batch. This was gifted to me but looking at the menu at Traditional in DTLA I’d estimate this would go for about $46 out the door. Way back in July Russian Assassin Boyz gifted me this jar of JawBreaker as it was just about to hit store shelves and they wanted to get my opinion on it. I went home, shot my first impressions video, went through all of my normal note taking over the course of a week, and here it sat waiting to be written up into a full review. When my instagram page was disabled I took it as a sign that I needed a break, one which went a little longer than I intended, but I wanted to pick back up where I left off so here we are. So when you look at the date at the start of this review don’t let that fool you, while the notes are old, the herb was fresh when I took them. That said, on to the actual review. 

The surface of these dense bulbous buds is a patchwork of forest and lime greens with light siphoning midnight blues that are so deep it nears black in some spots, coupled with bunches of tightly coiled creamy melon orange pistils, and a thick coating of bright white and clear triches that when contrasted against the background look like a galaxy of stars in a Joshua Tree night sky. 

The nose out of the jar has a strong chem/gmo smell with a minor chalky sweetness in the background. On busting open a bud the chem gets louder and that grungy savory funk is definitely dominant, but it leaves just enough room for a distant shifty mint and a hint of fresh dough. Breaking it down by hand it leaves a sweet semi minty must on my fingers, while the grinds have a sugar sweet floral with a chem backing, and this savory sour lean that hits me almost like a funky BBQ sauce. The scents are all tumbled together and hard to differentiate, but there’s this mix of freshness and chem that when taken together has this dental antiseptic quality to it, like a familiar yet foreign mouthwash. 

The dry pull on the joint comes with a sweet chalky chem and a minty lilt, almost like a minty candy cigarette with a floral kick. The inhale on the joint has a chemy gas that bounces off the tongue, and I’m one to use the term “gas” sparingly, but was truly surprising how close it came to a legit “car exhaust” taste. The inhale on the bong was a bit more faint, had a slight snickerdoodle like taste, but that’s all I could glom on to at the time. The exhale on the joint was a sweet floral with a musty chem tang, whereas on the bong it was more of a sweet floral cream, with that chem like zing coming through on the back end. Cross checking the flavor on my Ghost Vapes MV1 at 170c I get a really strong sense of pine on the way in and on the exhale the pine remains strong with just a hint of a floral backing, whereas at 185c the pine is still dominant but has a chemical twist where it comes off closer to a pinesol like taste with that floral still lingering in the background. 

The headchange came on quickly with a touch of haze across the eyes, a numbness in the face, and a slight weakness in my knees that didn’t exactly force me to take a seat but made the idea of taking one that much more tempting. Mentally I felt cognizant but spacey, it put me in a place where I was easily sucked into my phone and absolutely lost track of everything going on around me, only to look up and realize 20 minutes had passed in what felt like the span of just a few moments. I could remain aware with a concerted effort, but lacking exterior motivation to do so, it simply felt better to allow my mind to wander unchecked. Over time, the pull of the couch got stronger, and while I still felt alert I could feel my body settling in hard with zero intentions of an exit strategy. 

All in all, I really enjoyed my time with this batch of JawBreaker and could definitely see myself picking it up again in the future. It’s a tasty solid smoke with an enjoyable smack that’s perfect for rainy day lounging without putting you down for the count. If you’re a chem/GMO fan, but looking for something in that vein that won’t absolutely obliterate you, I’d say this is right up your alley. Great work on this one Russian Assassin Boyz/Traditional, keep cranking out these hits, I’m looking forward to seeing what you put out next! 

Chocolate Mints from Small Boutique Farms

Chocolate Mints from Small Boutique Farms via Greenwolf Bellflower on 5/29/2021 (shout out to The Highly Rated Show , @jr._96_ and @skeemxcream7 [on Instagram] for making it happen!). THC tested out to 34.252%. This was gifted to me but goes for $90 out the door at Greenwolf. When JR from The Highly Rated Show was in town he asked me what strain I was most interested in, at the time it was undoubtedly this batch of Chocolate Mints, so we popped over to Greenwolf Bellflower together and he generously gifted me this jar right off the shelf.

The surface of these semi dense christmas tree shaped buds is a cacophony of mint, lime, and sage greens with eggplant and byzantine accents, plentiful clusters of dark metallic tangerine pistils, and a profuse plastering of clear and egg cream colored triches stacked in every available space like homes in a Brazilian favela. 

The nose out of the jar is a medicine cabinet must, smelling like a mix of antiseptic and fresh bandaids, with a savory soy sauce like element underneath. Busting open a bud, that bandaid smell shifts into a warm pastry sweetness, with a deep minty musk filling out the backend. Breaking it down by hand, the buds feel just airy enough to make them hard to work with by hand, it’s something I come across somewhat often but it’s hard to describe, it feels like breaking down wet paper with how it sort of balls up on itself. After tearing it all to bits, the grinds come hard with that new band aid smell coupled with fresh mint kicking around in the background that when taken all together have this herbaceous healing quality to them, while my fingers themselves are coated in a minty savory must. I’ve never had this experience, but something about the smell flashes to mind images of being injured in the deep jungle and using the one roll of medical gauze I have in conjunction with some native natural herbs, in order to stem the pain and the bacterial infection just enough to make it back to civilization. 

The dry pull on the joint carries an herbaceous mustiness with a minty edge. The inhale is smooth, and has a light herbaceous floral mint on the joint, whereas on the bong it’s essentially the same but loses some of that herbaceousness. The exhale on the joint is a rich floral mint with a slightly soapy aftertaste and a distant lime like lilt, whereas the bong is more of a straight minty sweet floral must. Cross checking the flavors on my Ghost Vapes MV1, at 170c I get a slight cooling sensation on the way in, and a very minty exhale with a strong pine backing as the cool mint lingers for moments afterward. At 185c there’s also a light cooling sensation on the way in but the mint backs off just a little bit as that sweet floral gains traction and lingers for a couple moments as well. 

The headchange comes on quick with a stupefying smack. It’s the type of herb that makes you acknowledge exactly how high you are after smoking it. Toward the end of my joint walk really stupid phrases to describe the feeling started running through my head, “officially lit, loopity doopity, smacked to the max”, and many even stupider ones I’ve forgotten about by now. The point is I was feeling pretty damn awesome and having a good time to boot. Physically, my body felt both slightly heavier and floaty simultaneously, and there was a general looseness to my movements and my nose and cheeks felt particularly numb. Mentally there was this feel good energy that just had me stoked on everything. I was stoked to find food in my fridge, stoked to eat it, stoked there was a new episode of Rick and Morty I hadn’t seen yet; just overall feeling blessed to exist and interact with my surroundings. Over time the intensity of the smack faded but the effect remained with me for a surprising while. I remember sitting on the couch hours after I’d smoked and saying wow, I don’t really feel like I need another bowl at the moment, which is a rarity in the recreational market. 

Overall this batch of Chocolate Mints was some tasty long lasting smoke that’s worth trying at least once if you can get your hands on it. It might put a hurt on your wallet, but when it comes to the exorbitant ticket bracket, it’s placement there is well earned. Fantastic work on this one Small Boutique Farms, it definitely lived up to the hype, and I’m excited to get some more of your flavors in the rotation asap. 

Kyandi by B-Eazy Buds

I had never heard of the Kandy strain, let alone had the opportunity to smoke it, and had no knowledge of the genetics… which is my favorite type of review to write! This flower had a nice combination of greens and purples that gave it a darker overall coloration, with rust-orange colored pistils and a decent coating of resin. The bud structure was small and squatty, still with a nice fluff to them. They were easy to break apart and work with, and the cure felt on-point too.

The aroma on this was unique. I got a funky sweet terp that was like the candy of Zkittlez, with this gassy savory funk, too. A skunky, musky aroma, that had a little bit of the Gelato to it… but then something else too, almost like Chem.

When smoking, the candy terps came through nicely, along with a good amount of the chem gas/funk and some subtle earthiness. To me it seemed like the sweet candy gas that is really popular right now, but with a different twist on it.

The high was decent — a medium one that I found relaxing physically but had my mind going creatively. I really liked that combination so I smoked through this one fairly quickly. Overall, flowers that smoked very well, tasted unique, burnt clean, and with a very useful high. This one checked a lot of my boxes, and I can definitely recommend. I’m three flavors in now sampling B-easy’s flowers, and really impressed with the consistency he is providing.

Fruity Pebbles by Blackleaf

(Green Ribbon x Grandaddy Purple x Tahoe Alien)

Yeee! I’m excited about this one! Since I started reading about and researching cannabis, one of the brands with consistently great customer feedback and awesome sounding strains was Blackleaf. It took me forever to get the opportunity to smoke and review stuff by them, but I finally did, so here we go! Visually, this flower was different than what I’ve seen from Blackleaf in the past. I thought I’d heard they were going Rec, so I was genuinely concerned that they changed their methods and had possibly lost their quality. The main difference was the structure of the buds (small, squatty, dense), that almost give it the PGR look (I said almost!). I found out later they’ve started using LED lights, and apparently dense flowers is one of the outcomes when making that switch. Any PGR concerns quickly faded when smelling and handling this flower. It was a nice medium green, with a few specks of purple scattered in, and the light orange pistils almost give the appearance of yellowing when looking at the bud as a whole. There was great resin coverage, really rounded everything out nicely. When handling the bud, the texture was fluffier than I expected and had a nice squeeze to it. The feel in-hand actually reminded me a lot of Blue Zushi. If you’re familiar with the dense look but soft squish they have, that’s what I’m talking about.

When smelling this flower I was legit blown away. The aroma is a mixture of fruit flavors and gas, and after listening to their podcast I could safely call it the candy gas terps they’re looking for. The fruit flavor was tangy and sweet, with notes of grape, cherry, citrus and melon. I feel like there was more to pick out from it, but I honestly smoked this up so fast I really didn’t sit and think on it as long as I normally do. When smoking, the flavors transferred over really well, and I kept thinking to myself that it was like smoking a fruitier version of Blue Zushi. The burn and smoke was very clean, with all white ash like they claim. The high was solid — not really energetic or sleepy, but a major mood elevator and stress reliever. I was able to relax and chill without feeling overly sleepy. Overall, this is some really great smoke, even if the bag appeal was not what I was expecting (listening and talking with Blackleaf, I really think it’s the lights). Ultimately who gives a fuck? Bag appeal is really not that important to me, other than for the gram. The Fruity Pebbles taste and high were outstanding. Normally I bounce around on whatever flavors I have at the moment, but I kept coming back to this and pretty much smoked it straight through. I will be grabbing more of this and other Blackleaf varieties when the opportunity comes up. If you get the chance to scoop some, I highly recommend it!

Pictures provided by @westcoastweedreviews. 🙏💚

Zen Zai by Way Up and B-Eazy buds.

Super stoked that I was asked to review these flowers by B-eazy himself. I had seen the flavor popping up here and there in my stories and was definitely curious, as it was a strain I haven’t even had the opportunity to smoke yet, let alone review. Visually the flowers were quite striking, with nice contrasting greens, a little bit of purple, and sporadic rust-colored pistils tucked in tightly. This had a healthy coating of resin and great traditional structural appearance. The cure was slightly dry, but still sticky and stinky.

When I first opened the jar, the aroma was creamy gas and sweet candy terps, as well as some savory pepper terps. But interestingly enough, when breaking it apart, some additional aromas came through. I picked up on some tropical overripe terps that I first thought of as papaya, but then realized were closer to the citrus over-ripeness of Tropicana cookies, with hints of the papaya too. Still, quite gassy and has a skunky funk that leads to some complex smells, which I really enjoyed. When smoking, the prevalent flavor was creamy gas, with a slight undertone of sweet fruit, which grew stronger at the end. I definitely appreciated the clean, smooth smoke on this, especially since I was just recovered from pneumonia when I sampled it. If the smoke was rough, my lungs for sure would have reacted from being so sensitive, so it’s been really nice to have this strain to help my lungs get back in shape. The high was relaxing and uplifting, a mellow to medium strength head change that should please new smokers and experienced smokers alike. I definitely felt it first behind the eyes and in heavy eyelids, progressing to a full relaxing warmth over my whole body. Overall, this was a really solid smoke with a high I feel could appeal to a broad range of smokers if the goal is to chill and relax. I enjoyed the unique terp profile and great clean smoke. After taste testing a few flavors from these guys, I’ll definitely be watching for what they’re putting out next.