Headbanger from Cali Kush Farms

Headbanger from Cali Kush Farms via The Kind Center on 10/20/2020 (shoutout my dude Cary for making it happen). THC tested out to 27.03%. This was gifted to me but I believe goes for $50 out the door or less depending on the deals The Kind Center is running that day. Cali Kush has been on my radar for a long time now, I’ve been told by more than one trusted peer that I needed to get them in the rotation, so I was stoked when I found myself in the area and able to swing by the Kind Center for a fresh batch of flavors. These buds are mostly a dusty pear with splashes of hunter green and near onyx sugar leaves, coupled with cream orange pistils, all of which is coated in a thick frost layer composed of multitudes of both white and goldenrod triches.

The nose of the jar is a semi-fruity candy sweetness with a chalky twist. When busting open a bud, that sweet candy fruit brightens up a bit while also getting louder, and brings with it a brisk minty freshness. Breaking it down by hand a brilliant fresh pine mint with a minor chalky quality is left on the fingertips, while the grinds themselves have a sugary fresh candy vibe accompanied by a present yet vague fruity sweetness, but it’s fairly obscured by the dominance of that pine mint freshness. A dry pull on the joint also matches up with the scent as it has that sweet candy freshness in spades. The inhale is smooth and has a sugar sweet floral on the bong, whereas the joint is essentially the same, but there’s a hint of mint that makes its way forward as well. The exhale is an extremely sweet grape jelly paired with a strong perfume-like floral off the bong, whereas the joint hits more like a sugar sweet mint candy, and surprisingly lacks any semblance of fruit. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c I get one of the most intense pine experiences I’ve ever encountered. There’s a minor cooling effect on the way in, but the exhale is so powerful, it left a piney aftertaste on my tongue that I haven’t experienced since getting my mouth washed out with soap as a kid. It left me with a bit of a twisted face just due to the flashback and how overwhelming it was, but I have to admit I was thoroughly impressed by its sheer power. At 185c, it’s still extremely piney but it’s tamped down a bit which allows for a sweet floral to be detected, but the aftertaste remains mostly pine with a touch of mint. The headchange comes on quick and brings some solid energy with it as well as an uplifting smack. It compliments a morning cup of coffee perfectly, it helps wipe the sleep from your eyes, gets you bright eyed and bushy tailed, and puts you in a positive state of mind ready to take on the challenges of the day. It’s the type of herb that murders your apprehension about difficult tasks you’ve been putting off, and before you know it, that thing you’ve been dreading taking care of for the past week is handled and you’re free to move forward to kick ass on the next task. I loved the experience I had with Headbanger as it’s exactly what I look for in a sativa. Truth be told, I had to cut myself off at one point and stop dipping into this batch for my morning ritual as in the end, I barely had enough to finish the review properly because l leaned so hard on it as my go to wake and bake strain. For the ticket it goes for at The Kind Center I’d definitely pick it up again without hesitation. Fantastic job on this one Cali Kush Farms, it’s definitely worthy of joining the ranks of my headstash, and I’m looking forward to tearing through the other offerings I have on deck from your library.

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