Bananalato from Cream of the Crop

Bananalato from Cream of the Crop on 12/12/2020 (big thanks to for making it happen!). THC tested out to 37.31%. This was gifted to me and I am not sure of the price point on it to be honest. The gift sets were around 150 if I remember correctly but I don’t think these 8ths were ever sold seperately. In December, Cream of the Crop released a beautiful gift box set just in time for the holiday season, and in an effort to promote it they gave them out to a bunch of reviewers just prior to their release so I was admittedly very curious about its contents. This jar of Bananalato was the single eighth of flower chosen to be featured in the gift box. The surface of these beefy buds are a mix of lime, pear and hunter greens with occasional rashes of midnight blue, sporadic pops of light twine colored pisitils, all of which is heavily obscured by an impressively thick coat of egg cream colored triches.

The nose out of the jar has a very pleasant natural sweetness that comes off like some hipster artisanal candy made of all natural ingredients using recipes from the 1850’s. There’s a faint fresh mustiness underneath, but it’s mostly dominated by a gentle fruit with minor anise like vibes. Busting open a nug, an even softer fruity sweetness emerges that hits me like a mix of red delicious apples and your standard cavendish banana all rolled into one, with a distant fresh backing. Breaking it down by hand it leaves a mint pine freshness on the fingertips, while the grinds themselves are very similar to the jar scent, having a sweet yet subdued fruitiness with a mint pine backend and a musty undertone. The dry pull on the j has that subtle sweet fruit in spades. There’s a very natural tasting banana candy that really comes through. The inhale is smooth on the bong and hit with a very quick fruity burst that bounced off the tongue, and while the joint had a nice musty sweetness with a fruit twist, over the course of the sesh it got a tad bit harsh. While it wasn’t anything unmanageable it should be noted. The exhale on the bong was a musty fruity sweetness, whereas the joint was more of a subtle sweet fruit with a minor freshness on the backend. Cross checking the flavors on my Ghost Vapes MV1, at 170c I get a slight cooling tingle on the way in and a very piney exhale, while at 185c it’s a strong sweet floral and pine. The headchange comes on with a quick slap that left me dazed and slack jawed near immediately. As I walked, I found myself with my head tilted upward staring up at the sky and admiring how blue it was on that particular day, as my mind happily wandered from thought to thought. Physically, I felt very light in the chest like my torso wanted to float upwards, while contradictorily my shoulders felt heavy like they were what was keeping me pinned to the earth. It’s a very classically blasted feeling, a sort of buzz that exhibits all the traits that you’d expect from being stoned, an old welcomed jazz standard form of being lit. While it may not be ideal for a wake and bake, I’d say it’s suitable for any time of day, and it doesn’t rock you so hard that you’re not able to focus and concentrate if need be. All and all I really enjoyed this batch of Bananalato, while it did have that harshness issue on the joint I dug how it smoked from the bong, and the smell/flavor experience was fairly unique despite it being born of two staple strains in today’s cannabis space. Depending on the ticket I’m able to find it at, I could see myself picking it up again but I’d be hesitant to roll another joint with it, although I’d happily pack bowls all day. Good work on this one Cream of the Crop! #bananalato #creamofthecrop #weshouldsmoke #okcool

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