Garlic Cocktail By The Real Cannabis Chris

I love Mimosa and I’ve really enjoyed the sweet and savory crosses of #gmo and fruity strains that have been popping up. This one is probably my favorite with the mimosa being the dominant flavor provider and the Gmo putting an amazing funky spin on it. Ends up tasting like a savory 50/50 bar and although that may not sound appealing once I tasted it I instantly loved it! The smell is crazy too with all the orange creme and crazy Gmo stink oh man! The melt is slightly darker in appearance than some of his others but still super clean with no sign of contamination and melted perfectly.

The high was a perfect high to chill out and play some music or socialize as it was very euphoric and uplifting and allowed me to play music creatively and without anxiety anticipation of timing. Definitely a strain I want more of and need to try the flowers of. As for the #therealcannabischris brand I will definitely be buying more of his terps they’re hands down some of my favorites out there right now.

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