Sour Watermelon Refined Diamonds By Raw Garden

So I’m obviously not a solventless only dabber as I do like me some Bho/solvent based concentrates. I enjoy them for a few reasons. Certain strains don’t wash well so will never be available in solventless form. I also feel the diamonds get me higher than rosin and the same as melt. Badders are stronger than rosin but seem slightly weaker than melt. Hard to really compare without the same plant being concentrated to all forms but that’s my anecdotal experience. Now that I got that out of the way this one particular was a little disappointing. It looked beautiful with big Thc-a chunks in a light colored bath of terps.

So pretty! 😍

I don’t break up my diamonds I look for the biggest one and hit it for that blasting effect. This one was no different was a nice elevated high great for daytime fun and creativity. The problem with this one was the taste. There was none! No sour no sweetness no fruit no water almost cucumber terps I’m used to with watermelon strains. One thing I’ve noticed with these refined diamonds is the terps are very similar and even though my last one was better and had some unique terps there was still way too much in common with this one. When I spoke to Raw garden they said that there are no added ingredients or non cannabis derived terpenes. Also not ran through Crc equipment but somehow they remove all “impurities” with some kind proprietary tech that I couldn’t get any specifics about. All in all I will try more of these because even though they don’t have the best taste it’s never been a bad taste or a harsh dab and always super stoney at a reasonable rate of $55 a gram on avg.

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