Grape Cake Head Grape Head x Jungle Cake By Jungle Boys

Wow loved this one! First of all this is someBeautiful flowers. A nice lime color that appears a lot lighter to the eye due to the healthy coating of trichomes. When really taking notice of the structure the flowers spiral up into tight little roses with orange pistols popping out sporadically throughout. Very easy to pick apart and destem for grinding.

The nose was a pungent combo of sweet grape candy and earthy gas that really peaked my interest and made me excited to smoke. Unfortunately the taste wasn’t as pungent as the smell but was still very evident when ripping through a bong but as your lungs expand your tasting a nutty gas that almost chokes you but if you can hold on your rewarded by a sweet and a little sour exhale of an undefinable fruit taste and candy sugar. The high on this one was interesting as it Comes on quick in the head with an energetic euphoric feel but as you start an activity you feel this slow haze come over you starting from the back of the eyes and then all of sudden you feel a little less energetic and more relaxed. Definitely will get this one again as was an enjoyable smoke with a fun unique high.

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