Scotti Faced Full Melt by The Real Cannabis Chris

I love me some full melt! This one was no exception. Super clean 6 star hash that looks like beach sand. The smell was an earthy pine and a spicy citrus. Was subtle smells but definitely there enough to identify.

The taste though was a strong sour citrus finishing earthy and spice. I was caught off guard by the taste because the citrus was so strong it really reminded me of lime candy. The high was really strong I felt it come over my eyes fast and heavy. It really made me forget about shit that was bothering me and eventually lead to some great sleep. Based on how hard it hit me definitely not for novice dabbers. Overall great tasting hash with a very strong high. This dude is really killing it. For the level of fire and the amazing terps it’s priced below its closest competition and smoking it. Can be delivered in La for $95 a gram.

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