Rozay By 710 Labs

I hear a lot of negative feedback on 710 flowers how they always look pretty but never have any flavor or power. I do feel they’re a bit hit and miss on that point but I wouldn’t say they never have any flavor or that the high is always weak. There are very few growers that put nothing but fire out and none at the scale 710 is at so I don’t hold that against them. There is nobody at their scale that I know uses living soil and organic inputs so from my understanding their flowers will just keep getting better and better. Ok let’s try this again! 🤦‍♂️😂 This is some striking flowers to the eye. Very dark purple calyxes with some tiny bits of green around the edges. Vibrant orange pistils climbing out of almost every nook and cranny and coated in trichomes in a way that reminds me of gum drops. Just amazing bag appeal and great structure that was very easy to break apart.

The smell on the Rozay was very interesting it’s a sweet sour floral smell that ends up smelling like sour wine. So I really thought the name was getting to my head as I know not every strain taste like the name so I followed up with a buddy who I knew had just bought the same thing and he agreed with me totally. The taste was very similar to the smell except much sweeter and more pleasant than I was expecting ( I hate wine) was a very sweet floral taste with a slight bit of a wine bitterness. The high was nice too it was a full body relaxing strain but just really weak. While looking for the genetics I saw that this was a normally heavy strain but that definitely wasn’t my experience. That leads to the beginning of this review and this being a tasty beautiful looking flower that really lacks the punch it should have. I’d like to try again after more dialed in and see if that punch starts to show up. They also have new containers to help keep their flowers fresh. In my experience these new containers don’t work as well as the old ones. All in all I love 710 flowers and I love their company goals and work practices that I’m aware of and will definitely continue to pick up.

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