Facemints By Pure and Proper

I always enjoy Pure and Proper so was a no brainer to grab this batch of very nice looking face mints. My eighth came as one nug I know for some that’s lame and for some it’s awesome but I was pleased. Especially because it was a beautiful nug with an array of shades of greens from light lime to the dark hunter green. Barely visible are some orange-red pistils in no particular pattern. The structure and cure were perfect and easy to break apart.

The smell was doughy cake and sugary terps with spice and possibly some light hints of sour citrus. When smoking the gas and Og terps really came out and slight bit of a minty finish. The high was nice and heavy nothing shocking considering the strain but hit exactly as advertised with slow come on over the face but then a heavy numbing throughout the whole body. Definitely could couch lock you if not careful and smoke within your limits. Honestly I was ended up being disappointed I only grabbed an eighth of this. No tricks no fruity flavors the really good smoking good hitting bud.

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