Wakanda from Farmer and the Felon

Wakanda from Farmer and the Felon via Cannacraft direct on 10/29/2021. THC tested out to 34.28% (thanks to Jim Walsh for making it happen!). I was gifted this but it looks like a typical 8th at Catalyst goes for $28 out the door. I was lucky enough to get a huge Croptober box from Farmer and the Felon last fall, but due to my account being disabled for a bit and other pressing life issues, I wasn’t able to get around to this bag of Wakanda until now. 

The outside of these rather dense nugs are a patchwork of tea, pear and forest greens, with tightly coiled clusters of dim bronze pistils, and an average amount of beat up white and cream colored triches. 

The nose out of the bag is herbal and earthy combined with a touch of perfume like floral and an added dirty garlic tang far off in the background. It almost smells similar to hiking on a usually dusty trail shortly after it rains and it manages to amp up the scents all around you. Breaking open a bud a warm sweetness emerges, it’s a near apple baked good sort of quality, and also brings with it a minor minty zing. Busting it down by hand there’s a chalky mint sweetness that makes itself known, it smells like a mint necco wafer if one of those exists, while also maintaining a more muted version of that sweet apple skin quality, and a bit of sweet cream in the background. Almost comes off, although vaguely, as milk left over from cinnamon toast crunch but with a minty component as well. 

The dry pull on the joint has a light savory garlic-like tang with a musty hint of mint. The inhale on the bong comes with a musty spice and a muted creamy edge on the bong whereas the joint has a really muted floral with a light mint echo. The exhale on the bong is a very general floral sort of taste that seems fairly devoid of nuance while the joint isn’t much better, coming with a light yet mustier floral with a touch of sweetness, but it’s extremely muted. It should be noted that the ash burned very dark, was fairly harsh, and would not stay lit. Cross checking the flavor on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c I got a mint pine floral taste with the mint lingering around just slightly. 

Toward the end of the review process I was looking for a small blue dot on one bud that appeared in a couple of my pictures, as I was curious as to what it was, when I came across what I believe may be mold. It is very unfortunate that I went through most of the bag before finding it, and I hope there were not less noticeable spots of mold on the nugs I already smoked. I have put the suspected piece back in the bag for further evaluation down the line. 

The headchange came on quickly enough but sort of hit with a thud. It’s about as generic a high you can get, I felt mildly lit but totally cognizant, and it starts to slowly but surely siphon off your energy without offering much in exchange. It left me with some tired eyes and a “meh” sort of feeling, not only about the herb, but about life in general. In tech there is a concept of a minimum viable product, something that’s just good enough to go out the door and be used by beta testers, and when it comes to the buzz offered by this batch of Wakanda I’d say it’s sort of serving a similar purpose. It’s good enough, it’s perfunctory, and that’s about it. 

It’s unfortunate, but outside of the potential low ticket, I’m not really finding any redeeming qualities in this batch. The poor smoking experience coupled with the lackluster headchange, and the very real possibility of having inhaled mold, leaves me with the inability to recommend this for any reason. Sorry Farmer and the Felon, despite some pretty awesome experiences in the past with your flower, this one was an absolute miss for me. 

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