Feria from Green Dragon

Feria from Green Dragon via Catalyst Downtown Long Beach on 2/19/2022. THC tested out to 35.2%. Normally goes for $48 out the door but I was able to scoop it for 40% that off due to a 3rd time visit coupon I was using. I found myself at Catalyst in Downtown Long Beach with an awesome 3rd time visit discount to use and I was determined to make the most of it. As of late, a few people had mentioned Feria to me as a flower they’d like to see reviewed, and being a fan of Green Dragon myself, when I saw this on the menu it was a no brainer. 

The buds in this batch were on the smaller side but were fairly dense to the squeeze. The exterior of the bud is comprised of tea, lime, and parakeet greens with irregular spots of violet and aubergine. Burnt orange pistils wind their way throughout every crevice and grip tightly to the surface as they’re obscured into near oblivion at points by a thick coating of frosty white and egg cream colored triches. 

The nose out of the jar hits me with a combination of what I’d describe as floor cleaner and a grimey old linoleum up top, there’s a sour aspect to it, as well as a peppery must that reads like an old wooden chest. Busting open a nug a slight fruity sweetness emerges, one that’s very mild in nature and reminiscent of an apple skin, along with a touch of cream and a distant minty freshness. Breaking it down by hand my fingers are left with a warm apple smell, leaning towards a baked spiced apple quality but not that well formed, while the grinds themselves smell of a light sugary sweet yet spiced apple scent with an underlying complementary fresh element and a hint of chalky sweetness. 

The dry pull on the joint comes with a sweet chalk and a mild freshness with a hint of those floor cleaner vibes as well. On the inhale from the joint I get an herbaceous floral mint, whereas on the bong, it’s essentially the same but much lighter. On the exhale from the bong I get a mild sweet chalky floral with an herbaceous tang, whereas the joint is a musty semi spiced chalk, with this flat paper-like quality in the background that was difficult to pin down. I could only cross check the flavor on my GhostVapes MV1 at one temperature (170c), as the phone with the app I used to control it died, and since the company isn’t in business you no longer download it. In any case, on the way in there was a punch of mint-pine to the tongue, and the exhale was extremely piney to the point it lingered for a minute or so afterward. 

The headchange hit with a quickness and absolutely obliterated any semblance of my priorities that existed just moments earlier. In one instance, I hit my smoke spot while dinner was finishing up for a pre-meal blaze and instantly forgot all about dinner and was completely sucked into my phone. Luckily my girlfriend was keeping an eye out and was able to give me a gentle reminder, to which my response was a quick shake of the head and an “oh yeah!”, as I headed back to the kitchen. I decided to see how it would hit as a first smoke of the day, and after I got back from my walk the pull of the couch felt nearly magnetic. I had to fight through all of my natural inclinations in order to fill up another cup of coffee and finish this review as I’d made a promise to myself to do so this morning. It’s only through sheer willpower (aforementioned coffee) and determination that I am writing this as even now I feel the want to stop what I’m doing, throw a pizza in the oven, and kick back on the couch for some Evil Dead 2 remastered action. Interestingly enough, physically while I feel calm, I don’t exactly feel weighed down in any way. There’s just a motivation sapping chill that is permeating my state of mind and attempting to give me a case of the IDGAFs. 

When all is said and done, I’d say Feria’s real strength is in it’s high as it’s the type of herb that can completely vanquish the negative feelings of a challenging day, wiping my emotional slate clean and which grants me the ability to relax and mentally reset. I’d say it comes in at a really fair ticket and has a solid effect that works for me in  a “day ender”  sort of capacity, which is extremely useful during those types of stressful weeks that life can throw at us all occasionally. I can definitely see myself picking this up again to keep on deck for those occasions, or any time I just feel like leaving the planet behind for a little bit, especially at the price of $25 out the door (last I checked) their smalls go for at their home shops in NoHo and Coachella Valley. Keep up the great work Green Dragon!

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