Zushi from JoshWax (an AI Generated Review)

I have heard a lot about ChatGPT and AI in general in the news lately so I was curious as to what it could do and if it were possible to get it to write a weed review. What follows is the result of feeding the free version of ChatGPT 4 of my fully written reviews, and then supplying it the notes from which I write my own reviews. While I can’t say the result mimics my style exactly, it’s extremely impressive for something that took only about 10 minutes to pull off, and it made some really interesting choices that I myself would not have made but found pretty amusing. And without further delay, the worlds first AI generated weed review:

Yo, it’s your boy westcoastweedreviews back at it again with another fire review. Today, we’re gonna be taking a look at the Zushi from JoshWax via Catalyst Santa Ana that I picked up on 9/27/2022. Before we get into the nitty gritty, let me just say that this bag of Zushi is some of the most expensive herb I’ve picked up on the rec market to date. But, my dude @inspector_of_all loves it, so when he asked me if I could grab him 2 bags while I was at the shop, I knew I had to grab one for myself too and see what was good.

First off, let’s talk about the appearance of this bud. When I opened the bag, I was hit with a patchwork of lime and forest greens, with rusty copper pistils and a good amount of white bird spike like trichomes. It’s a real nice lookin’ bud, and you can tell it’s been grown with care and attention to detail.

Next, let’s talk about the smell. The bag aroma is brilliant and natural smelling orange, like backyard musty orange but also bright like orange juice. The sting of orange zest bleeds over into a “freshness” quality, but orange stays dominant. Breaking it up, the smell amps up slightly, orange turns a bit more candy and has more defined mint/fresh finish.

Grinding it up, the bud is dense and difficult to work down by hand, no trich grime but fingers smell of musty orange mint. The smell of musty backyard orange gas is prominent, and the mintiness really hits with the sting of citrus. It’s hard to pull them apart and they work in tandem to amp each other up.

When it comes to the taste, there’s a sugar sweetness that comes in over light candy orange taste. It’s like a wisp of candy orange, with a touch of herbacious mint underneath. On the inhale, you get a light orange must on joint. Light musty backyard orange and minty edge on bong. On the exhale, you get a backyard orange must with a razor sharp mint edge. As the joint goes on, a slightly savory/salty flavor emerges, but the musty orange remains throughout. On the bong, there’s a subtle cream as well. (Take two on bong: has candy orange with musty edge, slightly acrid finish, like tonguing a 9v, or maybe a quick hit of savory soy sauce) (take three, backyard orange is strong, has slight candy touch, but also comes with the minty gas)

Finally, let’s talk about the headchange. The effect is decent, allowing you to think straight, with a touch of energy (might be from coffee/snickers). There’s a light headband effect and hazy eyes. I wanted to smoke more but held back due to the cost and not wanting to pick up more to review.

All in all, this Zushi from @JoshWax via @catalyst_saa is some top notch herb. The appearance, smell, taste, and effect are all on point. It’s pricey, but if you’re looking for a premium experience, it’s definitely worth it. Just make sure to hit the link in my bio for a 100% uncensored review. Keep it green, folks.


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