Zkittlez from Alien Labs

Zkittlez from Alien Labs via Gulf Coast Delivery on 11/11/2022. THC tested out to 31.77%. I got these two jars for free, however I was finding them for $30 out the door back in December due to some specials that have since expired, it was awesome though. After a less than stellar experience with a batch of Lemon Fuel OG, @returnofthealien was generous enough to send a couple jars of this Zkittlez my way, and my dude Chase at Gulf Coast Delivery was awesome enough to make the drive and drop some off to me down here in the OC. 

Breaking with my traditional format, I admit uptop, I really loved these late 2022 batches of Zkittles from Alien Labs. Not only did I smoke through these two jars with the speed of a fiend, I went through at least another half zip (if not more) that I sought out and picked up on my own, and if I saw it on a menu today I’d no doubt pick it up again. @ThePristineGreen smokes more Zkittlez than anyone else I know personally, and he agrees that Alien killed it with these batches, and that it’s perhaps some of the best Zkittlez widely available on the recreational market.  

The surface of the bud is mostly mix of sage and emerald greens that occasionally dip into darker shades of hunter and forest, with copious amounts of cinnamon tinted orange creamsicle pistils so plentiful it looks as if they’re infesting the budscape, second in number only to the mass amount of egg cream colored triches splattered across every nook and cranny of the nug like butter on a Thomas’ English muffin. 

The nose out of the jar is natural orange with a slightly musty yet fresh mint-pine backend. Busting open a bud, that natural orange remains, but the sweetness amps up slightly as the mustiness drops off and that freshness intensifies. Breaking it down by hand left a mild sweet citrus zing on my fingertips, while the grinds themselves smelled lightly of orange hard candy with just a touch of musty freshness rounding out the background. 

The dry pull on the joint matched up well with the grinds, coming through with that same light orange hard candy vibe. The inhale on the bong has a quick hit of that orange hard candy that comes through so briefly, I described it as “the ghost of orange hard candy”, whereas on the joint it’s more of a light sweet floral with an acidic zing. The exhale on the bong is a mix of sweet citrus and must with a hint of cream whereas on the joint there’s more of a musty floral cream up top, with the citrus echoing in the distance, which manages to boomerang back and by the end had my tongue coated in a lemon lime that stayed with me for a few moments after smoking. While my GhostVapes MV1 is slightly out of commission, I can guesstimate that this likely would read heavy on the pine and mint aspects when vaped at lower temps. 

The headchange comes on quickly and hits with a satisfying middle of the road “hybrid” type slap. Physically, there’s a touch of weight that hits the shoulders and upper back, while a pressure settles in on top of the eyes as they start to gleefully glaze over. Mentally, I’m a bit spacey and forgetful, which might be slightly annoying depending on the task at hand, but there’s also a feel good component that instills a devil may care attitude about any challenge you might face whilst in this particular state. At times I found myself looking wistfully into the distance while tumbling down a rabbit hole of introspection, only to snap back to reality moments later, and able to pick up where I left off fairly quickly prior to getting lost in the recesses of my own mind. 

As stated previously, I really dug these late 2022 batches of Zkittlez, and at the tickets I was getting them for at the time I really couldn’t have asked for better quality smoke. Even at the current rates it’s still a solid deal, and if you’re a Zkittlez fan in general, I’d say you can’t go wrong. Excellent job on this one Ted and the gang, you guys crushed it and I can’t wait to get my hands on more. Keep up the fantastic work!


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