Blackjack from Triple Seven DTLA

BlackJack from Triple Seven DTLA via  Eaze on 11/21. Purchased for $49. THC Tested out at 15%. I’m not sure where it came from but I have seen a lot of Blackjack over the past year, from 80$ ounces at seshes to one of my last Old Pal reviews to this, a premium brand at a premium price. First impression, I like the jar, seems like the same type of jar Korova uses. On opening that classic Jack smell comes pouring out, like a sweet and spicy potpourri, it’ll make your mouth water if you’re a jack fan. The nugs are a beautiful light green with very occasional orange hairs with a nice even coating of triches. The bud has a similar density to a piece of popcorn and seems to be cured very well. You can break it up easily by hand but the herb itself doesn’t turn to dust in the process. The smoke is smooth and doesn’t expand and the head change is good but it doesn’t really stand out in comparison to the other Blackjack I have smoked. While this is definitely the most visually alluring Blackjack I have ever seen, I can’t say it justifies the price. At a pretax price of 49$ you are paying the same ticket of Lumpys or Alien Labs and I can’t say this is quiet at that level yet. I can see this sitting at the $40 mark, but any more than that I’d hesitate as the options you have at $50 an eighth are incredible and this doesn’t quiet make the grade, although it’s close. I’m definitely going to see what else Triple Seven DTLA has on offer as it’s clear they know how to grow fantastic herb, they just have to work on dialing back that price just a bit. 

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