Orange Cookie Dough from KRD

Orange Cookie Dough from KRD via Highway OC. I won’t post the price as Highway OC seems to avoid that. I will say that this is THE most I have ever paid for an 8th in any market. I have to say I’m still getting over the sticker shock and I’ve begun comparing all the weed I get to this and the Apple Fritter and asking myself, is this really worth the jump in price? Now to the deets. The smell is very floral and sweet, it leaves sticky sweet residue on your fingers when you break it up, it really does smell like candy of some sort. This bud is DENSE. Like no give to the squeeze at all. In fact the triches are stacked so hard that it forms a frost armor around the plant itself. It’s pretty intense and I can’t really say I’ve seen anything like it before. I tried to get a picture of it on the smaller bud I had but it’s was difficult to capture in the same way as it hits the naked eye. This batch seems to cover the entire weed color spectrum in one go. I see a patchworks of light and dark greens woven in with some really deep purple hues. The hairs try their damnest to make their way to the surface a wind up through the dense landscape and sprout through the frost.

The headchange here really is phenomenal. I rolled up a J that was just shy of a gram and but the time I’d taken a couple hits I was already feeling the uplift. While a definite hybrid, there’s a sort of euphoric energy that makes itself known. I was walking down the street and having all sorts of creative thoughts. The stress of the day was completely gone and I was goofing around on the streets even though I was by myself. When an herb can do that, especially in less than a gram, I’d say it’s something special. That said I’m still wrestling with the price here. This is a very top shelf weed, it’s up there with the best of the best, but even at a rec shop the best of the best is less even after tax. I’m a person that really goes for the best bang for the buck and I know I could probably get a near equivalent bang for about half the price. It wouldnt be the same, but it’d be close. I would pick this up again without hesitation if I found it at a lower price but at it’s current ticket I would buy it for special celebrations and share it with friends. It’s definitely not something I’d smoke as my daily driver, although I’d like to, I’m just not that rich yet. In conclusion, this is a premium weed, with premium effects at an extremely premium price. If you smoke it, you will not be disappointed except when you look at your bank balance.

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