Sour Diesel from Abatin Farms

Sour Diesel from Abatin Farms via LAPCG on 1/15/19. THC Tested out at 24.3%. Purchased for the bargain price of $15. For being on the very low shelf I have to say I’m a bit impressed. When compared to Old Pal coming in at the same ticket, this herb has the look of something much better. Fair looking nugs, a little on the darker side, but seems to have some decent trich coverage.

The smell is a little underwhelming for a Sour D. Nothing like the nose coming off the last batch I had from Creekside Wellness. Mostly it smells of a musty spice which doesn’t appeal to me when it comes to this strain. Sour D tends to have a fairly specific scent and I’m really not coming up on it here. The nug itself is really light and fluffy and crumbles apart at the touch. That said, it smokes fairly well and the headchange is definitely sativa oriented. Waves of speedy paranoia will hit you within a few minutes of putting down the bowl, but you definitely have to smoke a couple to get a desired “stoney” effect even with this testing at 24%. It just goes to show that THC amounts really aren’t everything. From a rec shop for the ticket, I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised and while I wouldn’t recommend anyone go out of their way to grab this particular batch, if you found yourself in West Hollywood in need of some budget Sativa, this would be a good bet.

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