Green Crack from Flow Kana

Green Crack from Flow Kana via LAPCG on 1/15/19. THC Tested out at 17.2%. Purchased for $35. I love Green Crack. I’m a “Sativa” head. I know there’s a lot being said about how sativa, indica, and hybrids are all bullshit terms and it’s all about how we connect with the terps as individuals and I get there is deeper science behind it, but saying ‘sativa’ is just a short hand way to say these herb has a more uplifting and energetic high. While I can say I have always been able to depend on Green Crack to bring me those sort of effects I really can’t say that for this particular batch. I really have my doubts as to this being genuine Green Crack honestly. Most batches of it will cause my heart to near beat out my chest but I feel like this particular jar is semi heavy. It’s not indica heavy, you can start your day on it, but it definitely doesn’t have that near caffeine like effect I’ve come to depend on from Green Crack. That coupled with the look of the buds in this jar are one of the major disappointments here.

They just look half ass and stem filled, something I would expect from Old.Pal more than a “premium” brand like this purports to be. Looking for a positive, I have to give it to the scent, it has a nice sweet and spicy sent with a hint of mustiness in the background. After it’s ground it has a really nice light green color so it doesn’t come off as boofy as it looks in nug form. It smokes well too, but as I mentioned before, the effect is not what I think anyone is looking for in a Green Crack. For the ticket, this needs to be closer to really high end brands, but it’s really closer to sesh herb you can get for 1/4 the cost. It also appears from the language on the back of the jar that Flow Kana works with a variety of growers to source quality. This batch appears to be from “Spruce Grove”. If you’re going to be a broker, that’s fine, but you need to really make sure what you’re putting in the jar matches the quality of other herbs on the market at that ticket

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