MAC #capscut from L.A Made

MAC #capscut from L.A Made via Peace of Green on 1/21/19. Unsure of THC% as it’s not on the packaging. Picked up for a bargain price of $30 plus tax. I was extremely excited to find that I lived only a few miles from the home of the original MAC so when I saw it pop up on POG’s menu for a bargain I jumped down there asap. While the nugs in the giant metal bowl were a sort of bitsy, you could clearly see why this strain is so hyped. Even the small buds come armed with massive amounts of triches that cover a landscape of every color that weed can possibly be with the occasional golden hair popping up at random. I’m glad they photograph well because i’d have a hard time describing how abundant and pristine the triches look. You can see it yourself.

Opposed to something like Purple Punch, this strain has a curb appeal and the headchange to match. The scent is hard to describe which is why I didn’t touch on it in my first impressions video. Spice seems to lead the charge with hints of gas and a slight minty sweetness. Even now after spending a few weeks with it I have a hard time with putting out a description I feel satisfied with. The headchange is strong and near immediate, it’s really incredible and is the essence of a “one hitter quitter”. I can’t emphasize this enough, it really is that intense. The first time I sat down and pow wowwed on some MAC with a friend, I smoked a couple bong rips back to back and in 10 minutes got that “Oh shit am I getting too high?” feeling that usually only accompanies edibles. No hype, no bullshit, there is a reason this “strand” is getting a lot of attention right now. It will leave you stuck in your thoughts, easily distracted, and fighting to focus but you’ll feel great the whole time. If you have an agenda to keep, MAC may not be the best choice, but on an aimless hike through the woods this is exactly the strain I’d want to take. In fact, I’d essentially be stoked to smoke this strain any time I don’t have anything going on that requires my attention 100%. I love that these genetics are getting out there. I’m really looking forward to trying out what others have done with MAC itself as well as the future crosses they will bring. Thanks Capulator, amazing stuff.

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