Sin Mint Cookies from Pearl Pharma

Sin Mint Cookies from Pearl Pharma via MMD Hollywood on 1/24/19. THC Tested out at 20.2%. Would have been $55 plus tax but I got it for $20 due to MMD Hollywoods first time patient deal. I’ve had my eye on Pearl Pharma for a while now with all of the positive buzz I’ve heard revolving around Sin Mint Cookies and Double Cup. As with a lot of premium brands I found the ticket a bit difficult to stomach so I was fortunate to catch a break with MMD Hollywoods first time patient deal. While the look was impressive, the sample didn’t jump out at me like some of the other herb they had on display, but on hype alone I pressed forward with the Sin Mint Cookies. The look on these buds is the real winner.

It has a nice patchwork of light and dark greens comprising a majority of the surface with the greens getting so dark at times they approach hues of purple. The triches are also plentiful and give the surface a good fur like shine. The scent really isn’t quite there for me. I pick up on spice/must in the foreground and a very slight mint scent in the background. I find myself being bias these days towards sweet smelling and citrus terps so this isn’t a huge knock on this batch, but if I were to select from 3 different strains while blindfolded, this one wouldn’t stand out to me as the winner. The smoke and exhale is smooth through and through although I didn’t pick up on any lingering after taste there either. The effect is fairly powerful given this batch only tested out to just over 20% where I understand most of the time it tests out over 25%. The headchange itself comes on fast and heavy. If you’re looking for a good late afternoon hybrid experience I’d suggest pairing this strain with a cup of coffee. If have energy, you’ll definitely feel that uplifting mood enhancing effect that’s good for gaming or other semi-active yet not focus intense activities. If you’re at all tired this the headchange will just hit you like a sack of bricks and you’ll be out in 30 minutes. Not unexpected from a hybrid but I’d definitely put this in the indica leaning camp. At the full ticket, I can’t say I’ll be picking it up again soon. It’s a nice contender in the California high end market, but within that bracket there’s simply too many strains/companies to try to think about repeating unless it’s something incredible. While great, it’s not one for the books, especially when compared to MAC from LA Made coming in at a little over half the ticket. Unfair comparison? You tell me.

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