Candyland from Cru Cannabis

Candyland from Cru Cannabis via MMD Hollywood on 1/24/19. THC Tested out at 25.05%. Purchased for $40 plus tax. This is my first experience with CRU and I have to say this batch does not disappoint. I was sold on the look of this Candyland instantly and as soon as I saw it I knew I wasn’t leaving the shop without it. The trich coverage was hella impressive at first glance, no need for a flashlight here, this lady looks good no matter the lighting. Light and dark greens make up a majority of the nugs surface coloring with hints of purple here and there.

It’s actually after grinding that purps really put themselves on display. The nug itself is dense but not rock hard, it has the consistency of a soft baked sugar cookie but doesn’t crumble to the touch. I like the feel of breaking this batch up by hand, it really gives you that finger hash feeling and lets you know you’re working with some high quality herb. The smell is sweet overall , definitely living up to its namesake, I’m also detecting notes of light citrus specifically and a general fruity scented background. The effect is great for a sativa, it doesn’t hold you back or keep you from focusing on a task at hand. I had something I was dreading doing for a majority of the day, decided to smoke a bowl of Candyland and before I knew it, I was kicking ass and nearly done with that chore. I really have to hand it to this strain motivation wise as I was happy to procrastinate on that project but with Candyland on my side, I whipped it out and got it done. For my first foray into CRU territory was definitely successful, great job guys, really looking forward to trying out other strains to see if they hold up.

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