Blueberry Cruffin from Cannatique

Blueberry Cruffin from Cannatique via Connected Santa Ana on 2/14/19. Tested out at 22.44% THC which pales in comparison to the levels in their most recent batches. This particular pack was harvested on 8/14/18 and packed a week later. I got this for a steal at $35 plus tax. I became aware of Cannatique a few months ago and all of their herb looks absolutely top notch. On a hot tip from @rip.215 I was able to pick up an 8th at a very reasonable ticket for the high end rec market. The scent didn’t really garner too much attention when I popped the jar but it really comes out when you finger grind the herb. It breaks down into a couple consistencies, a fine powder and little pebble like rocks of bud and while this batch didn’t leave that finger hash like resin on my fingers it did leave behind a very pleasant sweet and fruity scent. The way the buds look are near alien.

At first glance I didn’t really pick up on the variety of colors that rapidly switched on the surface of every nug. It goes from light green to a deep near eggplant like purple and has layer of frost so thick it gives it a sugar blasted candy like look. The smoke was smooth and the after taste was pleasant but not as fruity as I would have imaged from the left over finger smell. As for the headchange, this really is a heavy indica. I ended a few days with Blueberry Cruffin in an attempt to write this review. I usually like to smoke the herb I’m writing about but with this particular batch that was problematic. About 10 minutes after smoking my brain felt thoroughly thwacked in the best possible sense. Even though this may be an older batch of this particular strain, it’s still a contender for some of the most sedative indicas I’ve had to date. I didn’t want to do much outside of chill, eat and have a good time and eventually (probably 45 minutes later) fall asleep. This is exactly what I look for in an indica, something to shut my brain off and just feel good and get me to bed for a good nights rest. While I may wrestle with the idea of paying for another batch at near double the ticket at a place like Cookies Melrose, if I could consistently find Blueberry Cruffin at LA Made price point, it might be my new go to good night strain. That said, the fact I’m even wrestling with the idea of paying near double speaks to the quality of the herb coming out of Cannatique. I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on some of their other flower (Town Jewels in particular) as the testing on the new batches is off the charts. If you can find some in a dispensary near you, I honestly don’t think you’ll be disappointed no matter the ticket.

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