Stardawg from Fun Uncle

Stardawg from Fun Uncle via Hollyweed on 2/21/19. THC Tested out at 24.14%. Purchased for $30 plus tax. I have seen Fun Uncle around as of late and it’s being pushed as a bargain brand so of course I was interested. I was on the hunt for a sativa and while they didn’t have any in stock at Hollyweed, I managed to grab this Stardawg and figured it would probably work as a substitute until I got something a bit more racy. The flower itself looks decent but definitely comes off as outdoor. It’s trimmed well but I’m not sure about the cure, the scent itself is veggie and musty. Sometimes you can open a bag and let it air out and you’ll start to get a real feel for the scent, but in this case it stayed veggie and musty with no other smells I can pick up on.

The buds are in fairly good shape for being in a bag but there isn’t a whole lot of triches going on. The effect is fairly uplifting and energetic at first, but after about an hour or so you’re going to feel it start to bring you down, you can smoke more but you’ll continue to feel tired until you’re ready for bed or a nap. I’d say this is some decent outdoor but without a good scent and triche coverage it’s hard to justify the ticket, especially when it’s similar to the ticket on an L.A. Made 8th. I will definitely be on the look out for more Fun Uncle Flower, especially if I can find it for more of an Old Pal, but I can’t say I’ll be on the hunt for more Stardawg any time soon.

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