Riddler from L.A Made

Riddler from L.A Made via Peace of Green on 2/24/19. Unsure of THC% as it’s not on the packaging. Picked up for an amazing deal at $25 plus tax. As the name suggests, the genetics for this strain are unknown, but they are awesome nonetheless. As soon as you open the jar you’re hit with this intense citrus pine scent that smashes your nostrils. There’s a bit of a sweetness to it with hints of must/spice as well. A friend of mine said “this smells like something I’d clean my floors with” and he’s not wrong. Pinesol vibes in the best way possible. The nug structure is light and fluffy and gives way easily to a hand grind but leaves a coating. It gives you that beginning stages of finger hash feeling. The smoke is smooth and leaves a light citrus aftertaste on exhale. The effects are awesome for a sativa, exactly what I look for.

One bowl will have you feeling up, get your heart pounding and wonder if maybe this was a bad idea before work (it’s not though). It leaves you focused and fully capable however there is a slight shadow of paranoia induced doubt that will take center stage if you let it. The effect it self is fairly long lasting as well. Unlike Trainwreck, it won’t leave you reaching for the pipe in 30 minutes for another bowl. Riddler is a fantastic way to kick off a weekend morning where you have a lot to do. The racy paranoia will keep you on task and the stamina of the headchange will allow you to work without interruption for long periods of time. In addition, the ticket is unbeatable in the rec market. I didn’t even have enough money to pay for what I picked up that day, but the budtender did some fancy tax math and fronted me nearly a dollar just I could walk away with more herb. That’s crazy awesome customer service and while it’s only a “couple” bucks, it speaks even more to the compassionate nature of the PoG folks in general. Props to @capulator and his crew. Top notch work all around.

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