Sunset MAC from L.A. Made

Sunset MAC from L.A.Made via Peace of Green on 2/24/19. Unsure of THC% as it’s not on the packaging. Purchased for $30 plus tax. I was lucky enough to pop into the shop on the day Sunset MAC had just arrived so I knew I had to grab an eighth and I definitely don’t regret it. This flower is just plain beautiful, I had to get a video of it shinning in the sun to share it before I smoked it all away. Mostly light green with hints of purple here and there, the triches really steal the show as they are abundant and drill all the way to the stem. I found myself being constantly impressed as I ripped pieces off this main nug and it revealed the treasure trove of diamonds that existed just below the surface.

The smell is really hard to pin down on this one. It’s floral with hints of pepper and maybe a little sweet. It’s honestly a confusing experience for my nose but it is a pleasant one no doubt. It smokes fantastic although there’s no real after taste that I can pick up on. The effect is fantastic, one I’d deem a sativa leaning hybrid. The headchange comes on fast and strong, it has a slight paranoid edge so it doesn’t leave you too sedated but you do feel well lifted. It has some staying power and tends to let you down gently about 90 minutes after you’ve smoked but you could easily reach for another hit with in 30-40 minutes and be no worse for wear. For the ticket and the quality I’m definitely a repeat customer for Sunset MAC. I only hope its on the shelves next time I go to POG. This is a great afternoon herb for when you want to wind down but you still have things to do so you need to keep your wits at least semi about you. Again, big props to the budtender who helped me at POG and fronted me a buck when I was just short. Great customer service!

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