M.A.C. One from Korova

M.A.C. One from Korova via The Spot in Santa Ana on 7/06/19. THC tested out to 21.45%. Purchased for $50 plus tax. I was hella excited to get my hands on this as it seems to be a very rare drop by the Korova Team. I was really impressed with the size of the nugs in the particular batch, especially considering once they were broken down, there was relatively little lumber. The buds themselves are a beautiful mix of light and dark green with bands of purple hues all blanketed in those signature MAC triches.

The nose carries a musty spicy sweetness, although the sweetness is more muted than I’ve come across in other MACs, it still very much has that unique hard to pin down scent. The in and exhale are extremely smooth and I pick up on a little bit of sweetness on the way out. The headchange comes on quick and definitely leaves you slightly spacey but this batch is a bit less racy than other MACs I’ve had in the past. Korova rates it at nearly full sativa for effect, but I’d actually put it more toward the middle, knocking right a box or two. It doesn’t impede your ability to focus, but there’s not a whole lot of energy or motivation, it would be fairly easy and enjoyable to just sit on the couch and veg out with a movie. That said, it’s not exactly a wake and bake strain but it is a good all day any time strain. If you have things to do it won’t hold you up and you’ll feel great doing it. If you don’t have anything to do, you’ll feel great doing that too, it’s a fantastic “toke and talk” kind of herb that would be well shared amongst a group of friends catching up. Another exemplary strain done right by the folks at Korova, awesome job!

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