Daniel Larusso from Ball Family Farms

Daniel Larusso from Ball Family Farms via Connected Santa Ana on 7/9/19. THC tested out to 28.42%. Purchased for $65 after tax. Being a child of the 80’s I loved the Karate Kid, so when I saw Ball Family Farms named their strain Daniel Larusso, I knew I was going to have go get my hands on some. Despite the occasional tiny nanner, this herb is really fantastic looking. Rich purple hues comprise the surface as an abundance deep auburn pistils, almost looking like fingers purposely grasping the bud, claw their way across the budscape.

The nose comes off as minty and spicy, more specifically, I feel like I pick up on notes of pepper. The headchange is fantastic. It comes on fast and quick, it’s like a Crain Kick to the brain, and it leaves you fairly stunned at first. After the initial hit, it steadies out into an even hybrid experience, and doesn’t leave you too locked up nor spacey. It’s a great afternoon smoke if you’re headed out to lunch, or the movies with friends, or even out for a hike. It’s perfect for those occasions where you’re short on time and need to get ripped quick before heading out because it thwacks in a certain way that’s just inherently satisfying. This was a outstanding first experience with Ball Family Farms and I’m extremely interested to see what they put out next.

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