Sonoma Cake by Eden Cannabis Co.

(Wedding Cake bx1)

Purchased for 60 out the door (40 with my discount) at Garden of Eden in Hayward.

This is easily the best strain I’ve had in the the past few months, I could smoke this shit for years and still not get tired of it. It has huge super dense nugs (the nug in the pic is an entire eighth) that are totally covered in trichomes. It has the signature gassy vanilla smell of a Wedding Cake cross, a bit gassier than the original. The high takes a while to kick in but is insanely strong, I literally felt like I was sinking into my couch the first time I had it. It’s an extremely heavy indica so I wouldn’t recommend it if you plan on doing anything other than sitting on your ass (or sleeping) but if you know what you’re getting into then this is some top notch bud. Tested at 27.52% THC.

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