Modified Punch #13 (sample) from Indoor Organic Gardens

Modified Punch #13 (sample) from Indoor Organic Gardens received on 7/18/19. When I first saw on this strain it was a definite eye popper. On sight, it’s the type of herb that makes you say “Oooooh dayum” out loud. On finding out it’s a cross with Purple Punch it makes total sense. We all know Purple Punch is notorious for its bag appeal, it tends to be all bark and no bite except on rare occasions, so I was unsure of what to expect here. Modified Punch is a cross between the infamous Purple Punch and GMO and definitely showcases the gorgeous trich blasted look of its purple parent. At first glance, I thought a majority of the bud was a deep rich violet, but it’s really more of a light green with various bursts of attention grabbing dark purple.

To be honest, it’s extremely hard to gauge the color properly because it’s so heavily frosted you can’t make out the true color of the bud underneath the triches. I’m fortunate enough to have some GMO on hand right now which makes it a little easier to see the GMO characteristics that are prevalent in this particular batch. The coloring is one aspect, the second is in the nose. I pick up on that solid GMO funk, that spicy savoriness, but it’s accompanied by a sweet berry scent as well. It’s very reminiscent of Captain Crunch Crunch Berries, at least what I can recall from memory as it’s been years since I’ve had it, but it’s what immediately comes to mind from the scent on breaking up the bud. On the finger grind, while you don’t notice any stickiness, you will notice that it leaves a heavy dusting of diamonds on your fingertips. This is one batch I actually feel bad ripping a part, I tend to leave the bud as whole as possible while stuffing it in to my bowl, just to leave those gorgeous triches intact for burning. The inhale is smooth and the exhale leaves a spicy taste with a hint of sweetness on the tongue. The headchange is extremely slow and heavy and sits right behind the eyes. It creeps at dubious pace in the sense that you’re lulled into thinking you could smoke a second bowl, but just as you’re about to spark it up you realize “damn, I’m pretty sunk right now”. Once it settles in you really feel it in your body, there’s this slight level of dissociation, you feel very floaty. While a lot of strong herb these days smacks, Modified Punch smashes like a hydraulic press, slowly upping the pressure until you’re wholly obliterated. I would suggest saving this one to end a hard day where you really need to unwind. You’ll easily get lost in your phone or TV and your troubles will be a million miles behind you. Another incredible job by the IOG team!

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