Watermelon from Maven

Watermelon from Maven via People’s OC on 7/12/19. THC tested out to 22.577%. Normally $50 plus tax but I split an ounce with a buddy and after the first time discount it ended up being $40 after tax per 8th. I’ve heard of Maven for a while now and they are always spoken about in positive regard, and after checking out this Watermelon, I can definitely understand why. The look does grab ones attention when hunting in a shop. Large healthy light green nugs with spurts of orange hairs dotting the surface under a nice frosting of triches. Its got that hazy glowy sheen to it that says this herb smacks.

The scent in the jar is slightly muted, I’m picking up on spice and sweetness, but you have to stick your nose all the way in the jar for it. On the finger grind, that fruitiness really shoots to the forefront and takes center stage. The info card that came in the box says Pinene is the top terp in this batch but, if that’s supposed to smell like pine, I don’t pick up on any of it. The inhale is ok but will leave your throat a little scratchy after a j. No real noticeable taste on the exhale. The headchange doesn’t exactly smack so much as it does gently push you back. After smoking a full j I felt functional and relaxed, not really impeded in any sort of way but not motivated to do much either. Definitely a nice way to start the end of the day if you don’t want to get as wrecked as possible as fast as possible right when you get home from work. You can smoke a big bowl or two and enjoy a movie and by the time it’s over and you smoke that third bowl it will gently see you off to sleep. Luckily I was able to get this as a discounted ticket of $40 out the door, and at that rate I’d have no problem repeating this experience, but at the full rate of $50 plus tax, I’d think twice. This is a great looking herb with a fairly decent indica effect, it won’t have me running back for more, but it does make me curious as to Maven’s other offerings.

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