Area 41 by Alien Labs

(Lemon Fuel OG x Gelato #41)

Purchased for $60 tax included from Indika, a delivery service in the East Bay. No discounts, no coupons, just 60 bucks. I have no fucking clue why dispensaries mark the price up so much on Alien Labs bud, I’ve seen it at a dispensary in the same city for 75 plus tax ($100+ out the door). Just goes to show that a lot of the bullshit pricing you see nowadays is on the clubs, not the growers.

I’ve been meaning to try this strain out since it dropped but I never got around to it til now and damn, I’ve been missing out. This is probably my favorite Alien Labs strain and that’s saying a lot. I love pretty much everything about this strain: the look, the taste, and the high are all on point. It smells tastes like a super gassy cut of gelato and has a very strong taste. It has an incredibly strong slightly indica dominant high that hits very hard very quickly. It won’t totally knock you out unless you smoke too much but it works pretty well for sleep and it’ll definitely glue you to the couch. It’s pretty rare to find a strain this heavy that you can still kinda function on so this is definitely one to watch out for. Tested at 24.38% THC.

60 out the door is the most I’ll ever pay for flower so it has to be fuckin amazing to justify the price, thankfully this strain definitely is. I don’t think I’d pay that price for every AL strain but there’s a select few (Area 41, Melonade, Lemon Fuel OG) that are definitely worth the ticket.

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