Lemon Citrine from Wonderbrett

Lemon Citrine from Wonderbrett via Caña Farms on 7/17/19. THC tested out to 22.07%. Purchased for $55 plus tax minus 20% for the early bird special. The last time I came across WonderBrett it was in the pre-prop 64 days when most nug was still sold out of mason jars and pre-packaged 8ths were a rarity. The packaging on their Tangieland was awesome, and looking at the current recreational marketplace, it was a brilliant move that was ahead of its time. That tradition continues today with their current offering, a nice looking watch style box, a sleek black opaque jar within. The look of this particular batch of Lemon Citrine is itself fairly ho-hum in comparison to it’s illustrious packaging. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice looking herb, it just doesn’t give me that visceral gut reaction when I see it like lot of top shelf does these days. The nugs are a nice light green with the occasional blotch of dark and light orange hairs manifesting themselves in patches sporadically across the well triched out surface.

They are also more dense than they appear, giving only slightly to the squeeze, which is surprising for a sativa. The nose is very Jack like, but it has a slight citrus twist, like a citrusy potpourri. It doesn’t finger grind well, but on the attempt, it really unmutes the lemon / citrus smell and you get a good sense as to it’s namesake. The inhale is smooth and you do catch a slight lemon taste on the exhale. The headchange comes on fast and is equally racy which is exactly what I hope for in my sativas. It’s got a slightly spacey edge to it, so while it doesn’t derail focus if you’re concentrating on something, it’ll make your mind wander if you allow for it. While this particular patch of Lemon Citrine may not be the most beautiful herb I’ve ever seen, it’s a great sativa, and one I wouldn’t mind wake and baking on regularly. As for the price, I’d have a hard time paying $55 a pop when there’s a so many awesome sativas out there in the $40 range but if I could find it for around $45 out the door I’d be a buyer all day.

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