Golden State Banana from Synergy Cannabis Co

Golden State Banana from Synergy Cannabis via Cana Farms on 7/17/19. THC tested out to 27.95%. Purchased for $50 plus tax minus 20% early bird discount. I’d had seen this strain making its way around instagram as of late so I decided to give it a shot. The buds have a sort of thick trident look to them. Light green spikey nugs with occasional orange brown pistils absolutely flooded with large salt-like triches clinging to the surface at any point they can find.

On opening the jar there is this musty earthy nose with a hint of muted fruit in the background. After finger grinding it, there’s this beautiful sweet scent that’s unlocked, its hard to pin down but I’d day it smells something similar to a pack of old school Lifesavers. It has this sort of zing to it that makes my mouthwater just a bit. The inhale is smooth and I noticed a musty taste on the exhale with hints of vanilla sweetness. As for the headchange, this herb has a surprising smack that will leave your bell rung after the first bowl if you’re not prepared. The first time I smoked it, I was a friends new place and looked down to pack what I felt like must have been my 3rd or 4th bowl, only to realize I didn’t know where to ash it because I had just finished the very first one. In my stoney state I was stunned by this realization and had the simple of thought of “Wow, this shit is REALLY good.” In the subsequent bowls since I haven’t been as thwacked as I now know what to expect but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Golden State Banana absolutely thumps with authority and will leave you dazed. If you’re looking for a solid indica that doesn’t couchlock you but does pack a wallop then you’ll definitely be happy with GSB. This was a great introduction to the Synergy Cannabis line up and I’m extremely interested to try out some of their other offerings if they are of similar caliber to what I’ve experienced here. Definitely would pick it up again without hesitation.

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