Guava from Connected California

Guava from Connected California via Connected Santa Ana on 7/9/19. THC tested out to 21.66% Total. Purchased for $28 plus tax. The smell out of the bag is fruity and sweet which is no surprise given the name Guava. The nugs themselves are dark green little boulder looking shrubs that are fairly dense but still have the slightest give to the squeeze. There are dark orange hairs that seem nearly vacuum sealed to the surface with the way they cling to it.

On the finger grind you get a really sweet fruity candy scent, it has this artificial sweetness zing to it that kind of reminds me of old school Fruit Stripe gum or grape Big League Chew. You also get a little bit of that sticky finger hashy feeling on the touch. The inhale is slightly harsh and there’s not a lot of taste on the exhale except for a hint of fruity mustiness. The headchange comes on in a mild way and doesn’t hit too hard. This is nice mellow hybrid that will allow you to focus if need be, but is much better suited to an afternoon kicking back and watching movies. It doesn’t exactly lock you down, but it hits you behind the eyes in that way where you really don’t feel motivated to do much, except maybe take a nap eventually. It’s a fine hybrid at a fair ticket on the rec market but it’s nothing to really write home about.

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