Guava from Loudpack

Guava from Loudpack via Connected Santa Ana on 7/9/19. THC tested out to 17%. Purchased for $35 after tax. The nose in the jar is a similarly fruity sweetness to that of the Connected Guava, it has an old school strawberry fruit roll up scent to it, a real earthy sort of sweet. When you bust it open, you get a really nice fruity floral scent but it’s much more of a natural smelling fruit this time around, lacking that artificial candy zing. The nugs have a good looking structure to them, they look like they had space to grow, having a much less condensed look than that of Connected’s Guava.

There’s also a generous coating of triches, however, on the finger grind it doesn’t really give you any of that “sticky” finger hash feeling. The inhale is smooth, even after smoking a few bowls in a row I didn’t get even a hint of scratchy throat, and the taste of that earthy sweetness comes back again on the exhale. The headchange is smooth and doesn’t rock you too hard, you can concentrate and get things done, but it will mellow you out well if you’re feeling a little hype from your morning coffee. I have to say I enjoyed this version of Guava over that of Connected. The THC might be lower, and the ticket might be slightly higher, but it’s just over all a more pleasurable experience. From the look and smell, to the pull, to the headchange I have to declare Loudpack’s Guava the winner in this particular Guava-off. Excellent work to the folks at Loudpack!

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