GMO from Kings Garden

GMO from Kings Garden via Cana Farms on 7/17/19. THC tested out to a whopping 31.03% with 38.58% total cannabinoids. Purchased for $95 plus tax minus 20% for the early bird special. I was excited to finally get my hands on a Kings Garden baller jar of GMO. As popular as GMO is, I’d never had the privilege of trying it out, so I figured this would be a quality introduction to the strain. The nugs in this jar look awesome. Under the heavy coating of triches you see a light green surface with sporadic purple flaps and the occasional orange hairs lining the cracks of the bud. It has the density of popcorn, it crunches in your fingers the exact same way, and will leave your fingers feeling salted up.

Speaking of, the nose is definitely savory, but I’m hesitant to say it smells like garlic although I can understand the garlic vibes. It does have this very savory and salty smell to it, something along the lines of vinegar and sea salt kettle chips, it especially comes out on the finger grind. It’s smooth on the inhale and has an earthy savory taste on the exhale. The headchange comes on fairly even keel at first, you feel it behind the eyes but it doesn’t impair your cognitive function, nor will you feel too couchlocked. As it settles in though, you really start to feel it in the body. While your brain will still be working fine, your body gets heavy, and you’ll start to feel like the girl melted into the couch from those 90’s anti-pot ads that’s now making the rounds a meme. You’ll most likely find yourself weed napping or being put to bed entirely depending on what time of day it is unless you have some coffee or red bull handy. I can see why GMO is getting popular amongst cultivators and this batch from Kings Garden was top notch. While I’d like to see the price somewhere around $80-85, I wouldn’t turn away from it over the $10 extra. Excellent work Kings Garden!

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