Modified Reunion #9 (sample) from Indoor Organic Gardens

Modified Reunion #9 (sample) from Indoor Organic Gardens received on 7/18/19. The nugs have a surface coloring that rapidly ungulates between light and dark green almost dipping into hues of purple at times, with dark orange hairs popping up along the crests of the calyx, all coated with large salt like triches. The buds are dense but have a nice give to the squeeze. It’ll also leave an impressive amount of sticky resin on your fingers that lets you know you’re in for a good time.

The scent has an interesting bouquet and is definitely difficult to pin down. Out of the jar the nose has elements of that GMO funk mixed with hints of sweetness and gas. On the finger grind that sweetness intensifies and really makes its presence known. I pick up on notes of berry and maybe even a little citrus. It’s reminiscent of the smell you catch when opening a pack of warm Starbursts that you left in the car on a hot day. The inhale is smooth as expected, and on the exhale you catch a sweet taste at first, that then finishes into a pleasant earthy flavor. The headchange has a very nice cerebral smack up front and near immediately leaves you in a daze. It honestly feels like it hits you so hard behind the eyes you can feel it in your sinuses. I found myself sitting back on my couch and staring up at the ceiling as I felt the feeling of being “taken up”, kind of similar to when you’re climbing up to the first big drop on a roller coaster. I was totally lost in my thoughts and only found myself staying present for moments at a time, looking at the tv or my phone for a few seconds before my brain would use whatever input was in front of me as a springboard to a galaxy of new thoughts. Every once in a while I would come back to reality and find myself slack-jawed and absolutely cemented to the couch. I must have thought about getting a glass of water for a good 30 minutes or so before I actually mustered the physical force needed to move my body. This herb is a fantastic way to end the day if you just want to veg out and leave the drama of planet earth behind you. It has a great thump up front that gets you to space immediately with a follow up from its GMO booster rockets that will keep you in orbit with some staying power. Another awesome banger from IOG’s GMO cross line up! Great work once again by the team at IOG.

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