Wedding Cake by North Country Pharms

(Triangle Kush x Animal Mints)

Purchased for 50 out the door (33 with my discount) at Garden of Eden in Hayward. I’d gladly pay the non discounted price for this strain so with the discount it’s a steal.

Wedding Cake is one of the few strains that I’ve never had a batch of, every time I get this strain it kicks my ass. I’m sure shitty versions of this strain exist but I haven’t seen it yet. This batch in particular is some of the best Wedding Cake I’ve ever had, and that’s saying a lot. It has big chunky nugs that are still super sticky even though this batch is from January. The smell is sweeter than usual for this strain, and the taste is a bit stronger than usual as well. It has a very strong indica high that’s super heavy but also has the full body relaxation that you’d expect out of something like GDP. Most indicas I’ve tried are either heavy or relaxing, it’s pretty hard to find one that does both. It’s basically the perfect strain as far as I’m concerned as long as you don’t mind not being able to function. Tested at 24.65% THC.

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