Blue Zushi from Zushi

Blue Zushi from Zushi via GulfCoast LA on 8/20/19. THC tested out to 27.6% Total. Acquired for a donation of $50. I’ve been seeing cans of Zushi on instagram what feels like years now so when I saw GulfCoastLA had them on deck I decided to ride the wave and see what it’s like. Truth be told, when I first laid eyes on the nugs through the see through plastic bottom of the jar, I was a little underwhelmed. There’s nothing particularly eye catching about these light green roundish shrub like buds. They have a nice coating of triches, a fair amount of light orangish red hairs, and surface patches of dark green that even dip into deep purple at points.

Out of the jar the nose comes off spicy with hints of pine. When you bust the nugs open you get this really fresh scent with the spice taking a back seat. On the finger grind I pick on up on this nice minty quality and the spice seems to shift to something a bit more savory, smelling vaguely reminiscent of soy sauce. The nugs have a medium density have some give to the squeeze, and while you do sense just a bit of stickiness when tearing it up, the bud feels a bit dry. The inhale is smooth and on the exhale I catch some of that savory spiciness. The headchange is a bit of a creeper and takes until you’re through a second bowl to settle in. It hits you right behind the eyes and feels fairly heavy on the front of your head but doesn’t incapacitate you cognitively by any means. I was fairly amped up after running some morning errands and Zushi really brought me back down to a relaxing and pleasant baseline. While I was a little ho-hum on Zushi at first I feel like it managed to win me back over. Would I say it’s a strain that I need to keep in my headstash at all times? No not exactly but if I were to come across it, depending on what else was on offer, I’d consider it a worthy contender for my funds without a doubt. Not a bad introduction to the world of Zushi, my interest is definitely piqued enough that I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the yellow next.

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