Forbidden Fruit from Amplified Cannabis

Forbidden Fruit from Amplified Cannabis via DabberChan on 8/21/19. THC tested out to 20.10% Total. This was a birthday gift but my guess is this retails for about $50 plus tax. Dabberchan was awesome enough to grab this for me for my bday and I’m glad he did because it’s awesome. This nug is beautiful. The darkness of the surface purples contrasted with the bright orange hairs with occasional bursts of light green, not to mention an ample amount of frost, keep the eyes happily captivated in a world of brilliant color.

The nose of out of the jar is straight oranges, but in that natural fresh from the tree kind of way, it has this musky sort of aspect to it. On breaking the nug you get that orange scent still but it’s accompanied by this earthy note as well. However, when you finger grind a nug down it kicks that orange smell in to high gear and gives it this sweeter juice like smell. It’s extremely pleasant. The nugs have a slightly higher density than popcorn, feel very dry to the touch, and give no sort of finger hash feeling on the digits. The inhale is smooth and on the exhale, as you would guess, I catch the sense of strong citrus. The headchange comes on fairly slow but I wouldn’t call it a creeper, it just doesn’t come on with a thwack. It bops you on the top of your head and feels like it settles in on the top of your eyes. While I don’t feel couchlocked my head is heavy and my eyes are tired. It’s labeled as an indica leaning hybrid but I started saving this one for the very end of the day as I felt like it was a surefire way to put myself to bed. This was an excellent first encounter with Amplified Farms and I look forward to the next. Great work team Amplified!

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