Cherry Meringue from Lumpy’s Flowers

Cherry Meringue from Lumpy’s Flowers via Evergreen Santa Ana on 8/23/19. THC tested out to 19.72%. This was a birthday gift but it was $76 out the door with a 15% discount. When my lady picked this up for me for my birthday I was absolutely stoked. Lumpy’s a big name in the industry known for putting out top notch flowers and that’s exactly what this is. You can tell that Cherry Meringue is expertly cultivated. The colors shift from bright green to dark purple and hit every hue on the color scale in between. Orange hairs sporadically punch their way to the surface and there’s a rich trich layer that glistens with an impressive shine.

The nose out of the jar is a spicy must with just a hint of sweetness in the background. On the nug break there is a fresh element that makes itself known as well as that subtle sweetness moving closer to the forefront. On the finger grind the freshness amps up as does the sweetness in a symphony of smells that really light up the nostrils. The inhale is smooth and gives off the same spicy with a hint of sweet flavor you catch on the exhale. The headchange takes a little bit to ramp up. You slowly start to feel it hit the back of your eyes and the front of the forehead. You can focus on any given task but there’s no sort of energy or motivation behind it, although I wouldn’t say it’s sedating either. I’d describe it as a sativa leaning hybrid with a staying power similar to Trainwreck. I found myself burning through this far too quickly and while it’s enjoyable I can’t help but constantly think about the price. It’s up there. After smoking through this I feel like I can get similar well crafted fire power, like Source’s Quest, for about $45-50 out the door. I wanted to be blown away by this batch of Cherry Meringue, I wanted to be able to say in honesty that yes it’s worth the 76$ price tag, but I can’t. Again, it’s extremely well grown, looks great, smells great, it is absolutely top notch in every regard but when it comes to the headchange, it’s par for the course. There are definitely Lumpy’s strains that are awesome and well worth the ticket, but unfortunately when it comes to Cherry Meringue, this ain’t it.

Editors note: I came across this Leafly article with the following quote “Philosophy: “We’re not for everybody,” Lumpy’s CEO Josh Veal said. “We like that Napa winery feel. We sell Ferraris and Lamborghinis. I don’t want to sell Hondas.”

This is not the way to look at Cannabis, and while this may have just been an off the cuff remark it makes me wonder what cannabis producers really think they are producing. Cannabis is not a luxury good no matter how well it’s grown, it’s not like a Ferrari or a Rolex as it doesn’t gain value over time, it’s more like a donut. You can go to your average donut shop and get a dozen normal donuts for $7 or you can go to a fancy donut shop like Donut Man in Glendora and spend $4 each on a fresh fruit donut that’ll change your life. No matter what though, those donuts the next day aren’t worth what fresh donuts are, they lose value over time until they are trash. This is the case with cannabis also and it would be in the industry’s best interest to recognize this fact sooner than later.

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